Leather and synthetics: a perfect match

Bringing out the real identities of the materials and making them shine is achievable. The materials should be approached from their inherent properties. Leather and synthetics have their own specific qualities and they should be applied as such. A horse and a cow can both be ridden, but one is more adapted to that than the other. Leather is usually wanted for its natural appearance and haptics and its organic textures and grain. Synthetics are usually preferred when looking for otherworldly effects and textures.
At the same time, using both leather and synthetics can give your design an extra dimension. Therefore Stahl offers both leather chemicals and performance coatings that perfectly match and lift your design. In performance, sustainability and style.
Highlighting materials’ strength
The catwalks are filled with shiny bags and natural leather bags with shiny applications. It is the contrast between technological and natural or baroque and grunge. Bringing out the deep richness of leather or the brilliant surface of synthetics all depends on the right solutions. Our leather chemicals and performance coatings can be used to create a harmonious marriage of two seemingly opposite materials, enhancing the best qualities in each partner.

It is however not only about visual appeal. Functionality plays a big part too when deciding what material to use. Synthetics can be engineered according to very precise specifications needed by the user. Dirt repellence, water repellence, wear resistance... It gets really interesting when high-quality visual flair is added to all these functionalities to create a sophisticated, luxurious but high-tech material. This is where the true mixing and matching takes place, when a designer can create a garment or an accessory that feels at home at a party in a high class night club or in a dark forest.
Stahl EVO®
At Stahl, we understand brands want to produce fashionable synthetics in a more sustainable way without compromising on the look and feel. That is why we developed a complete Stahl EVO® range: the next generation polyurethane coatings for shoes, bags and other fashion items. You can select the building blocks you need to produce coatings according to the desired functionality and look and feel.
Altogether, Stahl gives designers the ability to orchestrate great products with harmonious properties. No matter what substrate. Are you in?

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