Technology & Compliancy

Stahl supports the objective of the REACh regulation for improving the protection of human health and the environment when using chemical substances at all stages in the value chain. Stahl expects that REACh will enhance the competitiveness of the chemical industry by fostering innovation. Stahl fully endorses the REACh objectives. These are entirely consistent with Stahl’s own SHE policy (Safety, Health and Environment) which, among others:
  • Gives first priority to safety, health and the environment;
  • Obeys all laws and is a responsible corporate citizen;
  • Identifies hazards and establishes appropriate controls for risks, potential adverse environmental impacts and regulatory requirements in the invention, manufacture, sale and use of its products;
  • Provides customer care with all products throughout the supply chain;
  • has established the goal of eliminating all injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents;
  • Requires all employees to accept personal responsibility for their own safety and health and that of their colleagues.

Stahl informs and shares data with the suppliers of raw materials, as well with its customers from whom a description is expected on how they use Stahl products on their sites. These communication requirements by REACh should avoid interruptions of the supply between suppliers and customers. As an organization within the supply chain in different REACh roles and responsibilities (manufacturer, importer, supplier, distributor and end-user) Stahl receives an increasing number of requests for information. Stahl ensures that all information required for its REACh compliance is made available on a timely basis.

Stahl anticipates a potential loss of raw material, because the company is dependent upon suppliers’ competence, ability to absorb costs of registration and upon identification of Stahl’s uses.

Coordination of all REACh related actions within the Stahl organization world-wide is guided by a Steering Committee, consisting of the global managers of the various business units, Purchase Department, R&D and the Product Stewardship Department (PSD). PSD coordinates and prepares for the registration, which is supported by a defined IT structure. This system also contributes to collecting and sharing information with suppliers and customers on the use and exposure of substances. Safety Data Sheets are generated and new labels according CLP are prepared by the system.
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