Polyurethanes & Hybrids

We offer two polymer portfolios to coat virtually any type of synthetic or textile surface: Permutex® and Permuthane®. The Permutex® product portfolio contains water-based polymer dispersions that are all NEP and co-solvent-free Our solvent-based polymer solutions that limit the environmental impact as much as possible, are found in our Permuthane® product portfolio. The products are BTX-free and DMF(A)-free.

Our water-based Permutex® and solvent-based Permuthane® polymer portfolios offer urethanes based on different polyols and diisocyanates:
  • Aliphatic or aromatic diisocyanates
  • Polyether, polyester or polycarbonate polyols
  • Acrylics

Our Permutex® and Permuthane® polymer portfolio offer solvent- and water-based acrylics. These are available in several ranges of hardness, ranging from very soft to very hard with solids levels up to 60%. We have even developed self-crosslinkable acrylics.

Hybrids are polymers that consist of a polyurethane and an acrylic polymer. Typically, hybrids are complex blends consisting of a continuous phase of the PU and an inner discontinuous phase of the acrylic. Our specific production process of these hybrids allows us to make them (co-)solvent and amine-free as well.

We work closely with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions for complete surface finishes. On top of that, we develop coating additives that help you find the coating solution you seek. 
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