New Zealand’s Lowe Corporation opts for chrome-free leather

Lowe Corporation is a perfect example of taking responsibility. This company from New Zealand processes and markets finished hides, skins and rendering material and also owns tannery, fellmongery, trucking and rendering businesses. This means that they are involved in several steps in the leather supply chain, and thus can have a substantial influence the way leather is processed. We have spoken about cooperation and responsibility with Andy Lowe, Managing Director and second generation at Lowe Corporation.

“Central to our strategy is sustainability. We focus on best practice initiatives in waste reduction (recycling), utilization of energy, water treatment and odor control,” Andy tells us. “This is how we learned about Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ in 2014. In 2015, we completed some early trials and became very excited about the opportunity to differentiate our material by using this innovative product. Late 2015, we officially started working with this new tanning system and the results have been very good from the start. At the moment we are progressing to widen our range of chrome-free articles,” he adds.

Sharing values
“Stahl is a great partner who shares our commitment to a more transparent and sustainable leather supply chain. Therefore we recently joined forces to introduce leathers that have been processed with Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ at tanneries in India and Pakistan because we believe this chrome-free tanning system is a great innovation. We are very conscious of finding the right partners who have the same values, which certainly is the case with Stahl. They have a vision, know what they are doing and where they are going, and this goes right through the whole company. One of many things we like about working together is the quality of the people. Stahl has great technicians, who are very helpful and extremely skilled. The technological developments are going so fast and they are on top of this development all the time to help us out,” he continues.

Going further
For Lowe, responsibility means going beyond just leather production. Their by-products businesses effectively create and market products that would otherwise be considered waste, like cheese made of bovine body fat. The company also values the well-being others. Not only are they the main supporter of the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter service, that provides medical assistance to people in rural and remote areas, they also run the largest privately owned and funded wildlife preserve on New Zealand’s coastal mainland.

Picture credits: Lowe Corporation Limited
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