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Few things are as ambiguous as a fire. On the one hand a fire can be a fascinating, almost hypnotizing spectacle, on the other hand it can be a cruel, surprisingly fast-acting threat. And sometimes a fire that starts out as the first can suddenly turn into the latter. The use of flame retardants helps to prevent fires from extending and offers value escape time in case a fire has already started. With our water-based flame-retardants technology, Stahl provides technology that makes your materials safer. 

Industries where employers work with flammable substances, outdoor events with festive fireworks or bonfires, a metropolitan hotel packed with guests and staff, a concert venue that is completely sold-out, the official attire of policemen, soldiers, medical personnel and of course firefighters… all are in dire need of the best flame-retardant possibilities. Here, the risks of a fire starting and spreading with the speed of light, are a daily concern. A risk that has horrible consequences. With buildings ruined, businesses crumbled, non-hazardous substances escaping into the air and lives lost. Nightmare scenarios that unfortunately sometimes turn into harsh realities. 

Ideal safety net in high-risk places 
At Stahl we believe that if it can be imagined, it can be created. We imagine a world where fires are few and far between. And where, in case a fire does start, it can be disarmed before causing harm. To help achieve this, Stahl acquired the Eagle Performance Products Business. Thanks to this acquisition we now offer top-notch water-based performance coatings, binders and additives that meet rigorous flame retardant standards. These solutions form an ideal safety net in places and circumstances where fire risks are high and legislation is accordingly stringent. 

As we develop water-based performance coatings, additives and polymer dispersions that ensure flame retardant environments and settings, the possibilities of our flame retardants are endless. From tailor-made solutions for airplanes to workplace interior and event tent material: we always have a fitting solution. The full life cycle of our flame-retardant products have been evaluated from initial production through recycling when the product it is used on has reached the end of its lifeline. The outcome of this thorough evaluation is that Stahl’s flame retardants are safe for continued use and comply with international fire standards of various industries.

The best protection, always and everywhere 
As a leader in the industry, Stahl is not only fully committed to obtain the highest possible level of safety; we also have a great sense of responsibility towards the world we all live in. Because we believe that all industries, all areas, and all people deserve the best protection: immediate protection against fire and long-term protection against pollution. We also firmly believe a transparent and cooperative supply chain is a first requirement to achieve the highest level of sustainability. That is why we continuously test our technologies at our Application Lab in Calhoun, United States. Through these thorough, ongoing tests, we can guarantee that our water-based flame-retardants technology meets the highest standards in performance, aesthetics and sustainability. As all our technologies do, because at Stahl we stand for quality products with unparalleled characteristics. 

Partner up for a safe, sustainable future 
In the field of flame retardancy, Stahl offers a complete range of building blocks with polymer dispersions and additives. You simply select the building blocks needed to produce coatings that match your performance requirements. And of course, Stahl is glad to partner with you when you require assistance selecting the solutions that suits your individual needs best. Because when it involves the well being of our world and everything and everyone in it, you never can be safe enough. Together with you, we like to open up all endless possibilities in order to protect our world and everyone and everything in it. 
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