Milling Chemicals

Stahl’s Milling Chemicals optimize the dry milling process and enable tanners to upgrade the leather quality. Be it for fashion, accessories or lifestyle, the Milling Chemicals range adds gloss and character to finished leather goods. Our solutions account for softening, pull-up effect, milling effect, and a host of other special effects.

Product overview
Products are suitable for tumbling in the drum and can be used in spray applications. The Milling Chemicals can be applied on finished leathers during the final milling process as hand modifier. Product choice and application parameters have to be managed according to the desired effect and feel. An excess of product could lead to whitish appearance or too pronounced feel. Please contact your Stahl representative for questions and application tests.

Future-proof choice
Milling Chemicals products MC-22-183, MC-22-392 and MC-22-465 are part of our Stahl Neo portfolio of compliant with our standards for sustainable leather finishes. MC-22-466 is ZDHC compliant and does not contain any restricted substances listed.

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