Tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand at Nekhii

We have strengthened our bonds with the Mongolian tanning sector to make local production processes more sustainable and to improve the quality of the leather. One of our partners is Nekhii, a leading tannery that has been certified with the Mongolian Eco Mark. Nekhii has been in business since 1972. The company has five factories, 350 employees and it works with cow, sheep and goat skins. Some of the production output is exported after processing, but Nekhii also produces shoes, jackets, hats and gloves amongst others. The complete cycle of tanning, coloring and drying is carried out in-house and Nekhii only works with 'raw materials' from Mongolia itself.

Since 2014, Stahl and Nekhii have worked together to achieve a two-fold objective: 1/ to further grow the company, and 2/ make production sustainable. Chantsal Batsaikhan, manager at Nekhii, is excited about the cooperation. "Stahl chemicals are of the highest quality," she says. "That is the first step towards producing an excellent end-product. We have also learnt a great deal about sustainability from Stahl. Sustainability is a major challenge in our industry and Stahl leads the way with new developments and more sustainable products. We also get advice, training and technical support."

Better and more sustainable
Nekhii is a modern company, yet at the same time it remains strongly rooted in Mongolian traditions. The company owns its own flock of merino sheep for the production of premium wool. At the same time, all the machinery has been refurbished over the past seven years and exports have been rapidly increasing. In 2014, they exported four times as much as they did in 2012 and this number is expected to double again in 2016. "In addition to making our processes more sustainable, Stahl also helps us to establish contacts with customers," says Chantsal. "In the past, our market was mainly limited to Mongolia and Russia, but thanks to the cooperation, we are now expanding into Europe as well. Our products have definitely improved and they are now suitable for a different target group."

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