Oils & Waxes

With high-performing oils and waxes, Stahl facilitates the ultimate experience. Whether used for industries such as Apparel & Accessories, Leisure & Lifestyle or Home Furnishing, our oils and waxes offer premium characteristics enabling manufacturers and designers alike numerous applications. Depending on your needs you can choose for a light to strong pull-up effect and for a feel ranging from dry to silky to rich and waxy. We also have solutions that give your outdoor item a darker or crunchy effect.

Applications are versatile, varying from shoes, bags and accessories to even upholstery. Our oils and waxes range contains diverse types of finishes. Think of standard pull-up oils and waxes, feel modifying and nubuck oils, and water resistant pull-up finishes for water resistant or non-water resistant crusts. You will find the main features of our products in underneath scheme.

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