Ongoing developments to open up more sustainability

Frans van den Heuvel is the Global Manager at Stahl Campus®. He has been working at Stahl for decades now and is very familiar with all the developments we experienced to get to where we are now.

“Stahl is developing at an increasing speed, and as a Stahl veteran, this just fantastic to witness. There are new things happening on all possible fronts, but the main priority in all developments is more sustainability. That is the driving force behind all the developments within Stahl. I am personally very excited about Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™; a typical Stahl product that we sell all over the world. This product, based on probiotic bacterial cultures is used during the tanning process and is not only completely biodegradable; it also produces a higher quality of leather. Another significant advantage is that the quality of the wastewater is a lot better, which reduces water treatment costs! And because Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ is a natural product, it’s completely safe for the tanners and its employees. All in all, Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ is 100% beneficial.”

Stahl Campus® for Performance Coatings
Not only Stahl as a whole, but also Frans’ ‘own’ Stahl Campus® is developing at amazing speed. “We established our first knowledge institute in Waalwijk (the Netherlands) in 2014. A year later, we launched a Stahl Campus® in Mexico, and the China campus followed in September 2016. This expansion was related to leather, but recently, we also launched a Stahl Campus® for Performance Coatings. It is great to see how Performance Coatings also keeps on developing within Stahl. We first started with this division in the 1970s, and nowadays the developments in this field move at great speed. It’s good that Stahl is such an important player here. It is my belief that the number of heads of cattle will go down in the long term, even as the global population keeps growing. Coatings on alternative materials, other than leather, will therefore automatically become increasingly important – it stands to reason.”

Share knowledge along the supply chain
In order to stay on top of this development towards an increasing demand for coatings on alternative materials, Stahl Campus® has recently been enriched with the Specialization Performance Coatings. Alexander Schieke has been appointed global coordinator of the brand-new Stahl Campus® Specialization Performance Coatings: “This extension makes is possible for us to share our knowledge about more sustainable alternatives in Performance Coatings and explain how Stahl can contribute with solutions, partnerships and innovative chemicals along the supply chain. We created a flexible modular training system based on three types of training to serve the market segment’s needs: Industry trends & innovations, Pyramid training and Experimental training. In close cooperation with Cees van der Sande, Technical Manager Performance Coating Division, and a team of qualified trainers, we will also make this division a continuously developing success.’  
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