Our modules

Stahl Campus® could be seen as the vocational college of today. In these modules we will share information and expert knowledge that concerns multiple aspects of our industry, for example in the field of sustainability. 

Stahl possesses a wide range of expertise and which we share every day. We invite tanners, technicians, manufacturers, brands, OEMs and others to attend these training courses at Stahl Campus®. These courses take place at various locations, dependent on client requirements. Training can be hosted at Stahl locations, or in-house at client locations. 

Our courses have a modular approach so we can create a personal fitted educational program that suits your needs and your organizations demands. For more detailed information on the Stahl Campus® modules you can find our contact details on the top right.

These are our modules:

  • Intro Stahl
  • Sustainability  

Leather Modules
  • Basic leather training
  • Base Coat Finish
  • Top Coat Finish
  • Troubleshooting
  • Testing
  • Examination

Performance Coatings Modules

  • Industry Trends & Innovations for Automotive (car interior)
  • Industry Trends & Innovations for Apparel & Home Furnishing
  • Pyramid Training: Substrate (like PVC, PU, TPO, Textiles, Microfiber etc.), Application Process (direct and indirect coating, impregnation, finishing and transforming processes), Chemicals (Coating Solutions, Additives and Crosslinking)
  • Experimental Training: Seat & Trim, Elastomer Coatings, Synthetics & Textiles

For more detailed information on the Stahl Campus® Performance Coatings modules click here.

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