Performance Coatings

Stahl delivers specialty finishes and solutions for a diversity of industries. What Stahl contributes and creates can be found on almost every manmade product around you. That sofa in your living room, your kitchen counter top and cabinets, the dashboard of your car, the car seats, the shoes you wear, the soccer ball your kids play with, that leather jacket you love so much and even the tarp on the umbrella protecting you from the sun on a warm summer day. Each of those products contain technology that makes them endure the elements, make them scratch resistant, durable, beautiful, fashionable and comfortable.

A performance coating is a product finish that upgrades virtually any type of synthetic, textile or
paper surface that is either flexible or rigid. From the dashboard of your car to the floors in your house, performance coatings can be found anywhere.

High performance, more sustainability
At Stahl we work closely with our customers and partners to provide tailor-made solutions for complete surface finishes. Next to that, we develop coating additives that help you find the coating solution you seek. We believe that it is our responsibility to lower the environmental impact, developing more sustainable solutions without compromising on performance, protection and aesthetics.

Diversity in products
Whether it is carbodiimide cross-linkers, polymers like polycarbonate or polyurea coating, ethylene carbonate and other solutions with custom properties we aim to create the best, most versatile and complete portfolio in solutions apart from working with partners and clients to create custom solutions that fit a specific need.

Our portfolio offers an extensive variety of polymeric binders and finishes. At the same time, the right processing and application characteristics of lacquers and coatings make it difficult to rely on general purpose products. Therefore we created a comprehensive range of additives. To optimize line performance and stability of both waterborne and solvent borne lacquering systems and to enhance specific surface coating properties.

Our Key products
At Stahl we have created key signature products and solutions that help our partners to raise the quality of their products and that contribute in making a difference in performance, sustainability and durability.

Stahl EVO® 
Stahl EVO® provides the next generation polyurethane coatings for footwear, bags, upholstery and automotive interiors that are free of non-hazardous classified substances. One of our latest innovative additions are the 100% water-based EVO topcoat and the DMF(A)-free EVO base. The latter is a more sustainable alternative for the conventional DMF(A) coagulation process. Stahl EVO® significantly reduces water and energy usage compared to coagulation process without compromising on look & feel and in line with the latest material trends.

PermaQure® EVO
Our PermaQure® EVO portfolio offers a solution with no volatile components, that is odor free, emission free, mekoxime-free and comes in compact or foamed solutions.

Carbodiimide Crosslinkers
With the increasing demand for more sustainable crosslinkers that also enhance coating properties such as strength and chemical resistance Stahl came up with a solution by creating carbodiimide crosslinkers. These are an excellent alternative for more hazardous isocyanate and aziridine crosslinkers. They allow us to add additional properties to a waterborne coating or lacquer. Our crosslinkers react with themselves forming a interpenetrating network with the polymeric binder. This results in a denser network to achieve improved performance in resistance against cleaning liquids, sun cream lotions, food stains and other chemicals.

Next to these products we have:

A coating creating a long-lasting matt surface with a warm feel and pleasant touch.

Stahl Stay Clean 
A surface treatment that protects pale colored vinyl surfaces against common stains, such as dye from jeans, spilled coffee and dirt.

Waterborne technology polymers including latest developments as NMP/NEP-free and even co-solvent-free solutions. Also Hybrids that are less expensive than pure polyurethanes and they can adapt to the properties of the continuous PU phase.

Solvent borne technology polymers including latest developments BTX-free and DMF(A)-free solution.

We keep striving to create better, more sustainable solutions every day. Our performance coating experts will go to great lengths to innovate our solutions so we can secure a future full of possibilities for our partners and clients, the environment and the people around us. We believe we can make it happen, so if there is anything we could help you with please do not hesitate to contact us.

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