Performance Coatings

Stahl delivers specialty finishes and solutions for a diversity of industries, particularly to enhance the qualities of surfaces. We provide solutions to help improve product performance, such as surface damage resistance, hardness or flexibility, enhanced durability or the creation and retention of product aesthetics. Think of the dashboard of a car, car seats, tent fabrics, interior design, apparel & accessories to even the soccer ball your kids play with. Each of these products contains surface and coating technology from Stahl Performance Coatings. And we aim for the best results.

Enhancing qualities with responsible solutions and coatings
A performance coating is a product finish that upgrades virtually any type of synthetic, textile or paper surface that is either flexible or rigid. Since we require a lot from products we use daily, this means you’ll find them in products everywhere. Yet, on any level in the market, from consumers to manufacturers and OEMs, the demand for environment-friendly alternatives has increased. We believe that it is our responsibility to lower the environmental impact, developing more responsible solutions without compromising on performance, protection and aesthetics.

Always a perfect match
We aim to create the best, most versatile and complete portfolio in solutions, ready to use or custom made. Why? Because many of our solutions are already tailored to meet specific, yet diverse specialized market needs and though much of our portfolio can be used directly, we recognize the need for customization to meet specific demands. That’s why we work together with our customers and partners to provide tailor-made solutions and complete surface finishing portfolios, applicable for any needs.

Apart from a wide range of coatings, lacquers, additives and polymers, we also offer product support on a variety of levels. From helping you find the right match for your product, to material matching and even training in sustainable practices for performance coatings through our Stahl Campus®. We are at your disposal to bring your product, coating or material to the next level.

Our Key products
We have created a range signature products and solutions that help our partners to raise the quality of their products, contributing in performance, sustainability and durability.

Stahl EVO® 
Stahl EVO® is our portfolio of next generation polyurethane coatings for footwear, bags, upholstery and automotive interiors, free of hazardous substances and compliant with the ZDHC MRSL. The trend-matching portfolio offers an alternative to the conventional DMF(A) coagulation process and reduces water and energy use with products like our our 100% water-based Stahl EVO® topcoat and DMF(A)-free Stahl EVO® base. Find out more about Stahl EVO®.

Bio-based PolyMatte®
Our bio-based PolyMatte® allows designers and manufacturers to create luxurious products with a matte coating, that is highly resistant when it comes to scratching, dulling or even discoloring. That means designs can retain their qualities, thanks to this sustainable bio-based matte coating portfolio. Find out more about bio-based PolyMatte™.

Elastomer Coatings
With our portfolio of elastomer coatings, we provide the right solutions for the automotive industry when it comes to exceptional performance and meeting the stringent environmental requirements. RelcaSil™ offers a cost-effective coating solution for EPDM, with luxurious looks and haptics, low gloss and excellent noise performance. Our RelcaBond™ line of flock adhesives provides excellent adhesion to green and vulcanized rubber, excellent flexibility, durability and chemical resistance and enhanced flock density. Find out more about our elastomer coatings.

Stahl Stay Clean™
The high-end market in fashion, interior design and automotive interiors is seeing an increased demand for pale-colored surfaces, due to the luxurious status and look. With Stahl Stay Clean™ it is possible to protect and maintain these surfaces and retain their quality and looks for years to come. Find out more about Stahl Stay Clean™.

Polyurethanes & Hybrids?
We offer two polymer portfolios to coat virtually any type of synthetic or textile surface. Permutex® is our portfolio of water-based polymer dispersions that is NMP/NEP- and co-solvent-free. It also contains cost-effective hybrids, adaptable to the properties of the continuous PU phase. Our Permuthane® portfolio contains solvent-borne technology polymers, including the latest developments of BTX-free and DMF(A)-free solutions. Find out more about our polyurethanes and hybrids.

Carbodiimide crosslinkers
Stahl created carbodiimide crosslinkers, offering a hazardless alternative for isocyanate and aziridine crosslinkers. These allow the addition of properties to a waterborne coating or lacquer. As the crosslinkers react with themselves, forming an interpenetrating network with the polymeric binder it results in a denser network with improved performance and coating resistance. Find out more about our carbodiimide crosslinkers.

Your partner on the highway to excellence in performance
We keep striving to create better solutions every day, but we also do this responsibly. That means welook for alternatives and provide customers with a full portfolio of sustainable options. Our solutions are also compatible with each other and can be used in accord with our other technologies, such as our In Mold Coating Systems. All so we can offer our customers a complete package and services.

Our performance coating experts will go to great lengths to innovate our solutions so we can secure a future full of possibilities for our partners and clients, the environment and the people around us. Curious what Stahl Performance Coatings can do or about the possibilities and services we offer? Contact Alexander Schieke, Group Marketing Communications Manager.
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