PolyMatte®, the luxurious matt finish for plastics and synthetics

A smooth matt finish often raises the level of appeal of a product or material. But matt finishes tend to scratch and scuff easily. And since consumers want their products to maintain the best possible quality for as long as possible, a durable and scratch resistant finish is a must.

Stahl has developed such a finish. PolyMatte®, a finish that is matt in itself, a finish that gives synthetics like vinyl, polyurethane or polyolefin based materials a long-lasting matt finish with superior aesthetic and technical value.

PolyMatte® is a proprietary Stahl polyurethane dispersion technology and compatible with water-based, polyurethane coatings. PolyMatte® forms a matt and smooth surface structure during the film forming and drying stage, which means fillers are not needed. The polyurethane nature of PolyMatte® provides a luxurious feel to the finished article. Also in terms of flexibility, scratch and abrasion resistance PolyMatte® exceeds other matting agent technologies on the market.

We believe that when it comes to plastics and synthetics PolyMatte® offers an unbeatable matt finish. But sometimes you really have to see and feel the benefits in person to be convinced. So why not experience our samples whilst we share with you our success stories? We’d love to discuss possibilities with you, or meet you at one of the many fairs we’re showcasing at to see what we can do together. Our PolyMatte® solutions can make all the difference in making your products the next success story we talk about.

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