With its scratch resistance, PolyMatte® has a soft, natural touch and a luxurious feel

The chemical and leather industry is always on the lookout for the perfect coating. Developing a class of smart materials with hardly any degeneration is a hot topic. This is where PolyMatte® comes into play, because that’s essentially what the smooth finishing technology does: protecting material from scratches. PolyMatte® is inherently scratch resistant. In terms of flexibility and abrasion resistance PolyMatte® exceeds other matting agent technologies on the market, while the polyurethane nature of the finish provides a luxurious feel to your coated articles.
With its natural elasticity, PolyMatte® is tailor made for car interiors and leather in general - to name but a few popular applications. In terms of flexibility, scratch and abrasion resistance PolyMatte® is in a class of its own.
Other benefits of PolyMatte® are:
  • Soft and natural touch
  • Pleasant and luxurious feel
  • It forms the ideal starting point to prevent squeak & rattle

 The Stahl PolyMatte®-portfolio offers a smooth finishing technology that is matt in itself. A long-lasting matt finish with superior aesthetic and technical values, PolyMatte® can be applied to leather and synthetics like vinyl, polyurethane or polyolefin-based materials.
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