Powder Coatings that exceed all your expectations

When you look around, there are probably dozens of coated items in your range of vision. From wooden, metal and synthetic furniture to wall cladding and architectural use, a wide range of materials require coatings to last and retain their aesthetic qualities for years to come. Various coating-options are available, and often you face a choice between sustainability, performance, and cost-efficiency. Did you know that now you can have the best on all fronts?

Powder coatings for any substrate
At Stahl, we envisioned powder coatings that outperform the market on levels of quality, sustainability, and product performance. A clean solution that offers optimal efficiency and exceeds all expectations, whether you work with wood, synthetics, metal or a combination of materials. Even heat-sensitive substrates provide no challenge for our powder coatings.

Higher efficiency in coating
The core advantage powder coatings has over other solutions is efficiency, which is visible in every aspect of the process. From the utilization for 3D geometrics (allowing even assembled products to be coated) to the one-layer application that is both efficient and solid thanks to the smooth curing process. When the product rolls off the coating line, it’s finished and ready to ship. That’s not all. Due to the magnetic charge, almost all the powder is used and any remaining powder is easily reclaimed and used again. Not only does this make powder-use more efficient, the system also requires no cleaning products. With virtually no waste, powder coatings are the more sustainable option that saves costs, time and energy.

Complete creative freedom for designers
With our solution, Stahl intends to make impossibilities possible and offer designers limitless freedom. Thanks to the simple application, it becomes possible to coat any shape or material. Since they are free of solvents, powder coatings are VOC-free and suitable for almost any product and form of use. That means more sustainable and safer products and clean (interior) air. Thanks to our curing methods, even heat-sensitive materials can be effectively coated.

Future-forward coating for your products?
Do you want to know what our powder coatings can do for your products and how they can improve your production in efficiency, reduce costs and create more sustainable products? Contact René Rieser to make an appointment for further discussion. We are determined to help you every step of the way.

White paper 
Do you want to know more about the differences between powder coatings and wet coatings? We created a white paper in which we explain all about the advantages, differences and how to switch from wet to powder coatings. You can download the white paper below.
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