Powder Coatings that exceed all your expectations

When you look around you, there may be a dozen coated items in line of sight. From wooden, metal and synthetic furniture to wall cladding in architectural use, a wide range of products require coatings that last for years and retain their aesthetic qualities. There’s a variety of coating options available, but this often means choosing between performance, cost-efficiency and sustainability. With Stahl Powder Coatings, you can have the best on all fronts.

Meeting the need for heat-sensitive substrates
Stahl started imagining the possibility of coating heat-sensitive substrates like MDF and other wood-based substrates such as chipboard, plywood and composite building materials without the use of VOC-containing paint systems. Our PermaQure® powder coatings are the result, meeting the need for high-quality products, cost reduction and responsible VOC-free coatings for a harmonious home interior.

Reduced costs and improved process efficiency
One of the key benefits of Stahl Powder Coatings is improved efficiency for the coating process. Due to effective and versatile one-layer application and fast drying UV/ULB curing, the coated product is instantly finished and ready for shipping. The lower temperatures, effective coating and removed need for additional curing/drying effectively reduce the energy costs, while powder reclamation ensures there’s virtually no process-waste.  

Complete design freedom for any substrate, shape and design
Coating heat-sensitive substrates is often the main challenge when it comes to coating systems. The curing process used for Stahl Powder Coatings resolves the issue by low-temperature UV-coating, making it possible to coat pretty much every surface. As an alternative, ultra low baking curing systems are also available for particular product needs. As a result, designers are completely free to imagine any type of design because with our coating systems even the most complex 3D shapes can be coated in a single layer.

Responsible coatings with high-performance
Stahl Powder Coatings meet the need for high-performance and versatility in coating systems. Additionally, the process benefits from reduced waste and minimal use of cleaning agents, lowering the environmental impact of the coating process significantly. Being VOC-free, makes powder coatings the hazardless alternative for harmonious interiors and furniture. This also creates the added benefit of exemption from stringent emission regulations, such as the 2010/75/EU. IED Industrial Emissions Directive, making regulatory approval faster and simpler.

Do you want to know what Stahl Powder Coatings can do for you? Contact René Rieser, Global Business Director and General Manager Stahl Performance Powder Coatings, to discuss the possibilities. More information? Download the whitepaper on Powder Coatings or UV and ULB

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