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Around the year 2000, we imagined how we could coat heat sensitive materials such as MDF and other wood-based substrates such as chip board, plywood and composite building materials without using VOC containing paint systems. Eliminating VOCs ensures the wellbeing of people exposed to everyday environments such as their home or office. A dedicated effort over many years means that Stahl can offer you a broad range of products that are industry proven to deliver a better product and applied cost savings for manufacturers. At present, we coat a variety of heat sensitive materials in a durable, sustainable and more efficient manner with PermaQure® powder coatings.

VOC-free powder coatings have gained popularity to such an extent that customers increasingly request designers, architects and builders to create eco-friendly living spaces that combine the benefits of renewable wood-based materials and Stahl’s low temperature PermaQure® powder coatings. Because they comply with and even exceed VOC and other environmental and health regulations, powder-coated materials are perfect to meet the most stringent demands.

Our PermaQure® powder coatings are available for indoor and outdoor applications and are used in industries varying from furniture, interior design, architecture to point of sale. A strategic byproduct of powder coatings is that the processing time is reduced from days to minutes, resulting in significant cost savings. All in all, PermaQure® powder coatings are an ideal solution for coating heat sensitive substrates in a durable, efficient and more sustainable process for both indoor and outdoor use.

Environmental and efficiency advantages:

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