Protecting snow white and pale car interiors from stains and dyes

As people spend more and more time in their cars, the theme of the Rinspeed Oasis concept car was ‘the 3rd living space of the future’. A revolutionary vision which we found very inspiring. As the car interior material surfaces expert, we took on the challenge to create a long-lasting car interior with snow white colors that maintains its luxurious appearance over time. 

Lush atmosphere
Designers love to apply pale-colored materials to create a lush atmosphere. While consumers love that too, they want their products to maintain their luxurious appearance for a significant period of time. Our Stahl Stay Clean™ protects white and pale-colored leather and vinyl surfaces against common stains. This solution proved to be perfect for the Rinspeed Oasis. With Stahl Stay Clean™ we created an intrinsically white high-performance cover material, bringing the long-desired design intent “snow white” closer to automotive reality than ever before. 

Stahl Stay Clean™ protects the surface of car seats by hindering the pick-up and migration of stains and dyes into the substrate. If the surface gets a bit dirty, Stahl Stay Clean™ enables easy cleaning as well. The product range consists of both matt and gloss finishes and included specific crosslinkers and surface modifiers enhancing the abrasion resistance and touch. 

In order to maintain the lush look and feel of the pale colored car interior materials, we also provide a range of aftercare products. Regular use of these products over lifetime of the car reinforce the Stahl Stay Clean™ protective shield and make the car interior appear brand new for the life of the car.

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