Purchasing conditions

The Stahl Procurement Team is responsible for the procurement of all products and services from reliable suppliers, who can meet our high standards. The team is committed to securing adequate supplies of goods and services to all global Stahl sites at the lowest possible cost, thereby achieving the best overall results for the Stahl business units and for our Stahl Customers.

Stahl strives to develop positive, open and long-term relationships with our suppliers. We encourage our suppliers to seek continuous improvements in quality, cost, processes, manufacturing, etc.

To maximise synergies and efficiencies throughout Stahl, purchasing functions have been divided into global and regional purchasing organizations. 

Global Procurement
The tasks of the Global Procurement Team members are related to all products, equipment and services that have synergies on a global level either through the definition of a common purchasing strategy and / or aggregated negotiations. The Stahl Procurement Team members report directly to the Group Director Procurement and work out of separate Stahl locations. 

Regional Procurement
The tasks of the regional procurement team members relate to the purchase of all non-synergetic products, equipment and services and support the purchasing operation at a local level. There is a strong integration of tasks with the local planning functions.

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