Rejuvenate your leather upholstery in a few easy steps

The luxurious appearance, diversity and durability of upholstered furniture makes natural leather a constant, beloved material in the world of interior design. However, contrary to popular belief, leather does not automatically maintain itself; some tender loving care is needed. 

Body oils, perspiration, acids that naturally nestle in leather through general use: a lot of factors that can cause leather furniture to lose its appeal. Cracking, delamination and discoloration of leather is something that can be prevented with the right amount of professional care. Care that allows leather furniture such as sofas and chairs retain their luxurious appeal for a very long time. In order to help you and your customers, Stahl has developed an aftercare product range that not only restores and protects leather upholstery in a very easy way, but also creates an invisible, breathable barrier that enhances both stain resistance and cleaning power. 

From base- and top coats via creams and protection products to cleaners, coloring pigments and dyes; the comprehensive range covers every aspect of aftercare, easy and thorough. Solutions that contribute to the durability and quality of the material while at the same time being more sustainable. Meaning that all solutions are free of substances from the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL and RSL) for hazardous substances in leather processing.

A deserved second life 
As actions speak louder than words, we have created a step-by-step tutorial that guides you through all the necessary steps to get from a wrinkled, worn-out, stained leather sofa to a leather sofa that almost looks brand new, without losing its characteristic appearance. 

For the restoration of the sofa in the video we used Stahl CL-429 for cleaning and degreasing of the leather. Then our DL2221 1/1 was used to take off the top coat and to get rid of the dust and residual dirt after sanding the leather. We prime the leather with Stahl MA-13-135. After applying several layers of Stahl RF-43-787 to renew the appeal of the sofa we used Stahl SL-1405 to create the desired two tone shadow effect. For the top coat we used Stahl WT-13-0997:20, Stahl WT-43-051:80, Stahl HM-51-760:2 and Stahl XR-13-820:5. 

From the initial cleaning and degreasing to the buffing and priming and finally the two-toned coloring: we’ve covered all the steps needed to give this piece of leather furniture its deserved second life. It shows you that a quality material such as leather is worth the effort of restoration, especially if we can make it easier for you. 
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