Reliability, transparency and sustainability. The key ingredients for innovation.

Transparent processes, a focus on sustainability and constant innovations have enabled Stahl to grow into a beacon for the chemical industry; and the Stahl Campus® training institute serves as a concrete link to the future. Frans van den Heuvel comments on the developments expected in the next five years. A monologue.

"It is a driving force, a rotating flywheel," Frans explains. "When our management, led by Huub van Beijeren, took office in 2007, Stahl took a path towards the future and developments now take place at an ever more rapid pace. In the field of sustainability, the field of safety, in all fields basically.
Our retired Director of Sustainability, Mike Tomkin, has established Stahl as a serious and reliable partner when it comes to making the leather chain more sustainable. Important parties increasingly build on that. Mike and his successor and namesake Michael Costello are now involved in talks with people from UNIDO, the educational branch of the United Nations and this is just a small example of the parties Stahl is meeting with nowadays.
"At the beginning of this year, our Group Director for Performance Coatings and Polymers, Uwe Siebgens, was on a Dutch TV show about CES in Las Vegas: the second largest electronics and technology trade show in the world. He was seated in the car of the future, the Rinspeed Σtos and he talked about one of the features Stahl contributed to: the interior. It is special because it does not make any noise – not a single squeak or rattle! That trend seamlessly ties in with the expectations for the automotive industry. The arrival of the self-driving car is only a matter of time and because travelers will no longer be needed to actively drive the car then, its interior
will become more and more important.
"Again, this will also present opportunities for Stahl. We are a reliable and innovative partner with an excellent reputation in the automotive industry and that reputation has only grown in the past few years.

Also, we have now rolled out our training institute, the Stahl Campus® in Mexico. This will be managed by Juan Antonio Frias. Mexico has the largest conglomeration of leather goods tanneries
in the world, with a specialty in car leather. In Léon, Stahl is at the center of all activity. By opening the Stahl Campus® we hope to strengthen our international position even more."
Frans van den Heuvel
Stahl Campus®
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