Retanning & Dyeing

Thanks to our wide retanning product range we offer solutions for the production of all kind of leather. Our range is a blend of traditional and next generation products, with a focus on more sustainable and renewable raw materials. The drivers for our R&D efforts to develop new retanning products are the reduction of the environmental impact of tanneries, while adding value and enhancing the beauty of leather.

We support you by selecting the right products that matches your requirements in terms of performance, aesthetics and sustainability. No matter how specific your requirements are.

Our Dermaphob® WA-71 Liquid is a high-efficiency, premium quality WR agent which provides you with a very high degree of dynamic water-resistance and at the same time a deep softening if required. Read more about Dermaphob®

Our wet-end dyes range is a complete portfolio of high quality leather dyestuffs that meet perfectly the dyeing needs of the leather industry. Our ranges cover all color demands, such as shades, fastness and levelness. We offer you the dyeing solution with that particular shade and specific property your article requires.

  • Our retanning solutions: mineral, neutralization, acrylics, polymers, phenolics, resins, blend, auxiliary, dye auxiliary and dyes
  • Our fatliquoring solutions: polymers, natural, synthetics, combined
  • Our waterproofing solutions: silicones, polymers and synthetics
  • Our dyes: high performance dyes Melodiarm® en Dermapel®
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