More and more fashion brands are looking at sustainable leather

Marja Baas is owner of 'MYOMY do goods', a company that designs and produces leather fashion items with a conscious spirit. At the same time, MYOMY do good' only works with high-quality leather with a natural look. “When we are selecting leather, we look at thickness, consistency, firmness, body and stand. Apart from these quality conditions, we always ask for the best possible option in view of sustainability. We are happy that Stahl developed Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ because it makes it easier for us to give tanneries directions. When we ask for this specific product, we know that we will get what we are looking for,” says Marja Baas.

Ever since MYOMY do goods started, the company has worked in the most sustainable manner as possible since Marja feels it is her obligation to do what is within her reach to leave the earth cleaner than we found her. She is pleased to see that more and more fashion brands and designers in the West are looking at sustainability this way. “We started out as a frontrunner, but nowadays our business is slowly becoming more mainstream. Not because we changed, but because the world changed. That's a perfect scenario, as far as I am concerned.”

Growing business by becoming more sustainable
From the start, the company has always focused on sustainability. In 2007 Marja Baas started working with small fair-trade production units and small tanneries. When MYOMY do goods grew, the company turned to bigger tanneries and put forth their demands. This proved to be a double-edged sword for the tanneries. Not only did they receive extra work, but they worked hard on receiving their LWG-certificate also. As the fashion industry is becoming more and more sustainable every year, this certificate is a way to welcome even more extra customers.

Marja Baas elaborates: “If I were the owner of a tannery, I would do everything in my power to earn an LWG-certificate. You will increase the prospect of finding new customers, while simultaneously working in a more man and environmentally friendly way. The owner of our tannery is pleased to be able to offer a healthier and safer environment to his employees. At the same time he significantly cuts back on damage done to the environment. It really is a win-win situation. I am happy that influential companies like Stahl, by far the worldwide market leader, take their responsibility to produce products like Stahl EasyWhite Tan™. Stahl has the right attitude and the knowledge to make sustainable progress. This makes me feel the ‘green’ world is leaving the ‘grungy' stage behind. The future is green and sustainable, it really is the only way to go.”

MYOMY do goods and ADUU MAL
MYOMY do goods participates in the ADUU MAL-project together with Stahl, famous Dutch fashion designer Hans Ubbink and other partners. ADUU MAL is a new quality label for sustainably produced leather fashion items. The label wants to offer a responsible alternative to less sustainable fashion products. The origin and production of all ADUU MAL items are fully transparent. In addition, the production process for items with the ADUU MAL label is as sustainable as possible and Stahl provided the tanning & finishing products and training to the tanners about how chrome-free leather can be made by using Stahl EasyWhite Tan™.
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