Rhode Island School for Design visits Stahl and SLEM (today known as The Footwearists)

In January students from Rhode Island School of Design visited Stahl and SLEM (today known as The Footwearists) in Waalwijk (the Netherlands) for an inspiring shoe master class. They came to Waalwijk to study leather finishing at Stahl and shoe innovation at SLEM (today known as The Footwearists). We are very excited about these enthusiastic upcoming designers.
We believe future design professionals are to be cherished. They represent a digital generation of out of the box thinkers and young creatives that think different, act different and bring a new perspective when it comes to sustainability, creativity and technology in footwear.
More than any generation of creative professionals before them, they embrace technology as an integral part of footwear, but without denying the craft and skill that is needed for shoe making. You could call them digital artisans and when you look at how they profile themselves socially, they show passion for quality material, innovative design and forward creative thinking.
So when SLEM (today known as The Footwearists) recommended Stahl as a cooperation partner, Rhode Island School of Design inquired if we could work together. We where delighted to become part of their learning experience and where delighted to say yes to their proposal. SLEM (today known as The Footwearists) is an international innovation and education institute for footwear. They have been working with Stahl to educate their students about the possibilities in leather and synthetics and matters such as sustainability. SLEM (today known as The Footwearists) provides a unique full-time Master program for Footwear Innovators and a wide range of short courses and workshops for both students and professionals. For more information visit www.footwearists.com
So if you have any creative idea’s, needs or questions, feel free to contact us. We are more then happy to see what we can contribute to the future of design professionals and technical professionals from all industries. We believe anything is possible. You only have to imagine it to be able to find ways to make it happen!

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