Stahl cooperates with Rinspeed on revolutionary mobility ecosystem Snap, on display at CES Las Vegas 2018

For the third time in a row, Stahl has partnered up with creative think tank and mobility lab Rinspeed, to create a comprehensive mobility ecosystem that also offers stationary use. We are excited to be part of an innovation-network of reputable global companies and innovation leaders in its respective fields. The result delights us with the possibilities the concept opens up for the future of transport. Together we are shaping the future.

Rinspeed Snap project
The fusion between automotive, IT and third living space, takes place at a rapid pace. The very different lifespans of components pose significant challenges to the industry. The IT-components become redundant in mere years, while the automotive interior can last much longer. Ultimately, outdated IT-technology and sensors can quickly become a safety issue in the near future of self-driving cars. The Rinspeed Snap separates the automotive and IT part, in order to create a more sustainable auto. 

That is why Snap separates the car into two parts that can be combined and split with “a Snap”! The driving part is an IT-heavy “skateboard” that contains all components susceptible to rapid wear and aging. The “pod” is all about the flexibility of its use and consists of long-lived materials and components. The interior of the pods is “designed for purpose” and can be adapted with a click. Whether the compartment is mobile, stationary or delivery, the mobility ecosystem Snap opens up endless possibilities.

Creating a third living space 
The ‘pod’ part of the car, should not just be a place to reside while traveling, but an actual third living space to live and work in. That’s why the Rinspeed Snap needs an interior that offers the highest level of functionality and aesthetics while delivering optimal performance in a more sustainable way. With the interior solutions Stahl has to offer, we meet this challenge head-on. 

The third living space of the Snap has been designed in partnership with Bader Leather GmbH & Co. KG, Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group, Kolon Glotech, Strähle+Hess GmbH and Stahl Holdings BV. It consists of natural and synthetic surface materials tailored to the future mobility needs. The Snap features innovative new interior solutions that open-up new design freedom for car builders that to date is not available.

Innovation through partnerships
At Stahl, we believe partnership is the key towards innovative solutions for the future. This vision is the reason why we set up our ‘Automotive Center of Excellence’ in Waalwijk. Here we share knowledge with OEMs, customers, and partners in order to create new possibilities together.

Snap at CES
Rinspeed is a creative think tank and mobility lab for the Automotive Industry. The Helvetian company has manufactured and communicated twenty-three prototypes and mobility concepts. The Rinspeed Snap concept car was showcased during CES, which took place 9-12 January 2018 in Las Vegas, USA.

Watch the video of the Rinspeed mobility ecosystem.

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