Soft Touch

The quality of an article is measured in different ways. For one person it is the way the item looks, for others it’s how durable it is. However, for most people one of the defining factors is how it feels. If the looks and the durability are not matched with a smooth and pleasant feel that matches the expectations, then the experience will not be optimal.
Soft touch:
An article needs to feel pleasant to the touch, especially with luxury goods this is a defining factor when people are looking to purchase a product. Stahl Soft touch technology creates a unique combination of a soft luxurious feel and a matte finish.
“Stahls Soft touch” EX-WD-92-220 is a water-based aliphatic urethane dispersion that has a low gloss and feels soft to the touch. Its use is very versatile since it can be applied to paper and board but also to film substrates. For an optimal result and durability the technology needs to be used in combination with a matching crosslinker.
The product can be used as an overprint varnish for specialty packaging creating new possibilities in package finishing. But also the use of the technology in flexible film and transparent materials has created new opportunities. Luxury goods will improve in performance and softness, adding more value to the product and enhancing the experience of using or wearing a product.

Next to the matte look and soft touch, EX-WD-92-220, in combination with a proper crosslinker, is alcohol resistant, chemical and solvent resistant and has excellent adhesion properties. EX-WD-92-220 is water-based, co-solvent and NEP/NMP-free.
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