Stahl and CSR Netherlands partner up to achieve a 100% circular economy that adds social value by 2040

Some businesses in the chemical sector regard corporate social responsibility primarily as way of developing new business cases or saving costs. However, in doing so, they underestimate the social and environmental risks in their international supply chain. Therefore, a group of leading Dutch businesses and NGOs signed up to a far-reaching ambition. Naturally, Stahl is amongst them. Through collective innovation, we will seek to work towards developing a sector that produces 100% circular products and services that add social value by 2040.

The chemical sector still faces challenges  with respect  to CSR issues. Some of the most important issues are exploitation of local populations, child labor and environmental pollution caused by the sourcing of raw materials and production of chemicals. The consumption and discarding of chemical containing end products, can cause environmental pollution, litter and health issues in local communities. However, these problems also present opportunities. Both CSR Netherlands and Stahl see those opportunities as lying primarily in the field of circular economies and greater transparency in the chain.
Aspirations for 2040
The Dutch chemical sector’s ambition for 2040, signed by Stahl and a group of businesses, will address the entire international supply chain, from raw material to end product. “By 2040, chemicals will be the element that binds a sustainable and vital society. Our products are services are 100% circular and offer social value.”
"As manufacturers of chemicals and smart materials, the chemical sector is at the heart of industry," said Elsbeth Roelofs, Chemicals Sector Manager for CSR Netherlands. "Thus, the chemical sector is the key to a sustainable future."
Innovative projects
In the coming year, Stahl and partnering companies will commence various projects that contribute to the ambition. These entail social and technical innovations and greater transparency in the chain. Besides Stahl, signatories include Baril Coatings, C. Kornuyt BV, Croda, Dishman Nederland, Ecotender Saneral, HIVOS, Nett Energy, NTA Solutions and Spectro. For those who understand Dutch: you can read more about the developments at 
About the CSR program
The ambition of Dutch businesses in the chemical sector forms part of an overarching International CSR (ICSR) program financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Under the auspices of the ICSR program, CSR Netherlands and a group of enterprises and important stakeholders from six economic sectors will work towards developing social and technical innovations, new sustainable production methods and optimal partnership with chain partners. The experience gained will serve as an example and a source of inspiration to the whole sector and beyond.
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