Stahl Campus®: From pure imagination to concrete realization

Some three years ago, Stahl Campus® was merely a figment of our imagination. Today, there are three Stahl Campus® training institutes around the world, in the Netherlands, Mexico and China. These training institutes are recognized by the entire industry as major knowledge centers. Global Stahl Campus® Manager Frans van den Heuvel started working at Stahl when he was still in school. His wealth of experience makes him the perfect man to head Stahl Campus® in Waalwijk… and to philosophize on the power of imagination. A monologue. 

“If it can be imagined, it can be created. This attitude can be seen at all levels of Stahl. It is in our company DNA. If nothing is imagined, nothing will happen. Personally, I have always been fascinated by Jules Verne. He was a writer with unbridled imagination that he based on scientific knowledge. Verne lived and worked in the 19th century and his books describe a number of achievements that were thought to be impossible at the time, such as traveling to the moon and hot air balloons. His visions actually became reality years later, but that was no coincidence. Jules Verne was extremely well-informed about the technical developments in his time and, like a scientist, thoroughly researched his subject matter. In doing so, he fired the imagination of his contemporaries. Here, I clearly see a parallel with how we operate as Stahl. We also use our imagination to achieve concrete goals and in doing so we utilize the latest technological possibilities available to us.”

It all started with imagination
“Stahl Campus® is a concrete example of our power of imagination. Back in 2014, we founded the training institute to ensure existing expertise is not lost. Through the transfer of knowledge we wanted to strengthen our position as an authority within the industry. That has become a reality now: Stahl Campus®. What is more, it has picked up and an increasing number of people are on board with the idea. In Mexico, Stahl Campus® is now also fully operational, and in August 2016, we opened a Stahl Campus® in Guangzhou, China. All over the world people are using the knowledge the institute provides. And it all started with the power of imagination. If we had not come up with the idea a few years ago, no one would have known about the Stahl Campus®, simply because it would not have existed.”

A company to be proud of 
“This goes to show what can be achieved if you have a good idea and give it your all. In fact, that not only applies to Stahl Campus®, but to the entire company. In the past decade, we have grown substantially, because we have constantly taken the right steps in the right direction. Add to that our focus on sustainability and the way we promote our identity and you can see what we have become: Stahl, a company to be proud of. A company that firmly believes in its motto: if it can be imagined, it can be created.” 
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