Stahl Campus® Leather modules

Stahl Campus® has steadily built a reputation as an institute of knowledge for the leather supply chain. Every day our technicians and professionals work on new solutions and technologies that enable us to innovate our industry in a more sustainable way. Stahl Campus® offers inspiration and knowledge when it comes to the promotion of good practices in the leather supply chain. This way brands, OEMs, manufacturers and students can benefit from a broad range of leather training programs.

Stahl understands the importance of taking responsibility throughout the supply chain. Together, we can use our innovation power to reduce the environmental impact along the supply chain. To successfully take this shared responsibility, we need knowledge. From start to finish, knowledge is always key. That is why Stahl started Stahl Campus®. With this training institute, Stahl strengthens its knowledge of chemical management, responsibility and safety, while simultaneously helping partners grow their business in a more sustainable way.

About Stahl Campus®
Stahl Campus® could be seen as the vocational college of today. In these modules we share information and expertise knowledge about our industry, for example on sustainability.

Stahl shares its expertise daily. We invite tanners, technicians, manufacturers, brands, OEMs, university students and others to attend these training courses at Stahl Campus®. These courses take place at various locations, dependent on client requirements. Training can be hosted at Stahl locations, or at client locations. Our courses have a modular approach so we can create a tailored program that suits the needs of your organization.

These are our modules:

  • Intro Stahl
  • Sustainability  
  • Leather Modules

Basic leather training
  • Base Coat Finish
  • Top Coat Finish
  • Troubleshooting
  • Testing
  • Examination

For more detailed information on the Stahl Campus® leather modules please contact Stahl Campus®. 

This is how leather is made… 
As we said: Stahl shares its expertise daily. Knowledge about the leather making process that turns raw material into luxurious leather for consumer goods. Find out how leather is made

Let’s learn to create our future together! 
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