Stahl Campus® Performance Coatings Modules

Join our Stahl Campus® Performance Coatings training courses in which Stahl experts promote good practices throughout the supply chain. These trainings are designed for manufacturers, customers, brands, OEMs, university students, design schools, NGOs and industry associations. 

Stahl Campus® offers a training program for Performance Coatings. During these courses, qualified Stahl trainers will share their knowledge about more sustainable alternatives in the coatings industry. Training courses can be focused on different market segments such as Automotive, Apparel & Accessories and Interior Design and can be tailored to specific requests.

The flexible modular training system of Stahl Campus® for Performance Coatings is based on three training types: 
  • ‘Industry Trends & Innovations’: industry and supply chain views, trends, insights, challenges and innovations; 
  • ‘Pyramid Training’: basic knowledge about key pillars of coatings and how to reach expected performance;
  • ‘Experimental Training’: a deep dive into segment-specific or overarching solutions including prototyping, best practices and testing by simulating formulating, application and real life performance. 

4-5 days extension

If you would like to go further in detail, we offer the following options (on top of the module chosen), that adds one to two extra days to your course:
  • Crossfunctional blocks (combining two different modules)
  • Deeper look into substrates, the application process and chemicals
  • Customized course based on a specific supply chain (e.g. ‘How a shoe is made’)
  • World of Sustainability

These training courses for Performance Coatings will take place at various Stahl Centers of Excellence and in special cases in-house at customer sites or 3rd party locations.

About Stahl Campus®
Stahl Campus® can be seen as the vocational college of today. At Stahl Campus® we share information and expert knowledge on many aspects of our industry, for example, sustainability. Our courses have a modular approach so we can create a personalized program that suits your needs and that of your organizations. For more detailed information on the Stahl Campus® modules please refer to our contact details on the top right or click here to send us an email.

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