Stahl Color Matching

At Stahl we take particular interest in making things better. As a market leader, we strive to contribute to all industries we are participating in, by offering a helping hand where our expertise can make a difference. One of the services we offer is our unique color matching service. A unique process, that helps designers and manufacturers to find a uniform color standard for the various materials and surfaces.

Finding a uniform color standard is a time consuming process, particularly for industries that need fast results. For example, there's the fashion industry, where often as much as six collections a year need to be designed and produced. This doesn’t leave much time for trial and error in matching the colors for all materials that are used, whether it is leather, textile or synthetics. Thanks to our Color Standard Formulation, we can help with that. We’ll show you how in this tutorial. 

The need for speed in color matching

For many industries, speed can be the key factor in staying ahead of competition and delivering the superb quality and aesthetics they are looking for. Stahl provides active support to these industries in their critical design process with our Color Standard Formulation. Within 2 weeks time, we can deliver the standard color formula to match all materials. Only the best and most accurate results count for us, and our clients and partners should not expect anything less.

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