Stahl develops luminous lifestyle and fashion accessories in perfect harmony with the interior of the driverless Rinspeed Ʃtos concept car

Stahl developed luxury solutions for the interior design of the car of the future - the Ʃtos - and a series of matching fashion and lifestyle accessories. All accessories have been coated with unique glow-in-the-dark technology, illuminating your bag, iPhone sleeve or even your longboard while cruising the city streets at night-time. Most items have been finished with Stahl’s innovative Edge Paint. This gives your leather fashion item extra protection and an air of luxury. This technology is already being embraced by the large luxury brands.

Nowadays, a car is so much more than merely a means of transport. It is an expression of your identity and therefore includes matching accessories. The collection of fashion and lifestyle accessories that has been developed in line with the Σtos concept car, consists of sunglasses, iPhone sleeves, shoes, flip-flops, bags, belts, surfer-bags, longboards and even surfboards made out of leather for surfing the ocean´s waves. Most of these products have been finished with glow-in-the-dark and Stahl’s Edge Paint, a technology that simultaneously strengthens and beautifies the seams and edges of leather items. In addition, the surfboard has been treated with Dermaphob®, a waterproof solution for extreme conditions. The luxurious glow-in-the-dark effects are applied on a cloud-print so that they provide a subtle, mystic effect and a touch of translucency.

Stahl: from backstage into the spotlights
From haute couture to mainstream, Stahl plays an important role in the innovative designs of the world’s largest fashion and luxury brands. The chemical company works with fashion brands that can be found in high-end department stores. What sets Stahl apart is its extensive knowledge of the practical and technical possibilities of both leather and synthetic materials. Stahl also has its own Design Studio® that is working with the latest and upcoming fashion trends. With the accessories for the Σtos concept car, Stahl once more displays how versatile its innovative applications for leather and synthetic substrates actually are. Be it for car interiors, bags, footwear, surfboards or smartphone sleeves, virtually anything is possible.
Stahl and sustainability
Being market leader, Stahl is especially aware of the fact that sustainability is a major challenge in the leather and chemical industry. “Consumers increasingly ask for durable fashion and lifestyle items, without compromising on quality. To support designers, product developers and stylists in this challenge, Stahl offers the latest available leather chemicals and performance coatings with enhanced sustainability credentials. Naturally, our solutions provide full design freedom to express the character of the end product,” John Fletcher, Group Director Marketing & Brand Sales at Stahl, explains.
A good example of Stahl’s leading role in sustainability is that the company is the driving force behind the scenes of ADUU MAL. A new quality label for fashion items made from sustainable Mongolian leather, designed by renowned Dutch fashion designer Hans Ubbink. ADUU MAL is the result of a cooperation between Dutch (fashion) companies that aim to improve the sustainability of the Mongolian leather industry. The companies want to use this label to offer consumers sustainable leather fashion items that clearly show where exactly they were made, as well as the circumstances they were made in.

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