Stahl EasyBlue Tan™

Our Stahl EasyBlue Tan™ offers the best of both worlds: high-quality leather and a more sustainable tanning process. The new chrome tanning solution enables tanners to produce all types of premium leather beyond the standard wet-blue leather product specifications. The simplified tanning process saves time and energy, while the amount of salt and chrome in wastewater is significantly reduced.
Wet-blue was invented as far back as 1858. It has long been the most prominent tanning process in the industry, but this is now rapidly changing as sustainability has become a major issue for the industry. One of the many great things about Stahl EasyBlue Tan™ is that you don't have to choose between quality and sustainability as it offers both.
To be more precise about the environmental benefits:
  • Water reduction of up to 40%
  • Less energy required
  • 80% less salt in wastewater
  • Chemicals: 45% less chrome, 60% less acid and 20% less nitrogen

The result? Premium leather quality with the following properties:
  • Very tight, compact and flat grain
  • Higher resistance to milling, less nubuckation
  • Higher tear strength
  • Super white leather achievable
  • High light fastness and heat resistance
  • Less visible veins
  • Fuller flanks 

Key advantages of our Stahl EasyBlue Tan™ compared to traditional wet-blue:
  • Less chemicals, salt and water lowers the environmental impact
  • Simplified tanning process saves time and energy
  • Less chrome and salt in wastewater
  • Sustainable, high-quality leather for all kinds of applications
  • Higher cutting yield
  • Less retanning and dyestuff needed
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