Stahl invites Leatherbagstage for a guided tour

Stahl is constantly driving towards its goal to create a more transparent and sustainable supply chain. Convinced that if it can be imagined, it can be created, we address the need to evolve the industry. Innovation and education are essential in this process. That’s why we are, a) always working on developing more sustainable products, and b) continuously addressing the importance of sustainability in the industry. Recently, Isabel von Vegesack, a leather bag lover from Berlin, visited our headquarters in Waalwijk (the Netherlands) to learn about sustainability and transparency in the leather supply chain. She highlighted the key learnings on her blog Leatherbagstage.

Isabel is in love with leather bags. She vividly remembers the first one she got. “It was a vegetable-tanned saddle bag with natural leather from Bree. I really liked its plain look and how it got patina over time and changed its color as a result”, she says. At her blog Leatherbagstage, Isabel shares her passion to inspire people like her. It’s not only about design and discovering new brands, an important message she wants to send across is to make leather bag lovers aware of the craft behind every bag. What steps are necessary in order to produce a handbag, starting with the production of the leather till you hold the finished product in your hands? With that question in mind Isabel reached out to Stahl.

Stahl headquarters visit

When Isabel was writing an article about the leather production for her blog, she came across Stahl’s Instagram account and the website. “The Instagram account was very well established and as I take a lot of inspiration from Instagram, this was especially interesting to me. I contacted Frans van den Heuvel and he invited me to Stahl Campus® to talk about the leather production process and Stahl’s role in the industry. This was more than I could have wished for. We spent the whole day talking and Frans gave me a look behind the scenes. We visited the Application Labs where colleagues were testing their products on leather and also the leather itself. Obviously, this was very exciting to me! I found the variety of tests to see if the leather is resistant to water, heat, tear and so on particularly interesting. Furthermore I was really impressed by the diversity and quality of their Stahl EVO® product range with next generation polyurethane coatings for bags, shoes and other fashion items.”

Global Stahl Campus® Manager Frans van den Heuvel gave Isabel a guided tour and told her all there is to know about leather production. He seized the opportunity to address the issue of sustainability, which received a very positive response from the young blogger. Isabel is thrilled by the prospect of a sustainable industry and Stahl‘s efforts to accomplish this. “With its open-minded strategy and by informing and teaching all kinds of people, Stahl is a great value for the industry,” she says. “Without a doubt, they move in the right direction to reach the great goal of achieving a sustainable leather industry with a transparent supply chain. Of course, I am all in favor of that - in fact, I think every leather bag lover should be. Or, for that matter, every single one who enjoys using leather or synthetic materials should embrace Stahl’s efforts towards sustainability.”

About Leatherbagstage
Isabel von Vegesack is the owner of Leatherbagstage and soon to be leather bag designer. Her blog focuses on three main topics: bags & style, leather craft & design and discover Berlin. Readers are mainly fashion and craft interested people between 18 and 34 years of age. The blog attracts visitors from almost 30 different countries in a 50-50 male-female split.
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