Milling Chemicals

Stahl’s Milling Chemicals optimize the dry milling process and enable tanners to upgrade the leather quality. Be it for fashion, accessories or lifestyle, the Milling Chemicals range adds gloss and character to finished leather goods. Our solutions account for softening, pull-up effect, milling effect, and a host of other special effects.

Stahl’s Milling Chemicals add value and an unrivaled feel to leather goods such as bags, belts, shoes and garments. The products boast a variety of applications and are suitable for almost all tanning methods including Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. 

Possible applications for Stahl’s Milling Chemicals vary from all kinds of tanning and retanning to final feel agents and softeners for finished leather. The portfolio features four solutions suitable for all common drums equipped with humidity and temperature control as well as injectors.

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