Stahl opens renewed Application Lab for leather in Bangkok

Bangkok, 23rd April 2015 – On the 9th of April, chemical company Stahl opened its renewed Application Lab for leather in Bangkok. The lab will offer physical and application testing from Wet-End to Finish. Unique is that Stahl is the only chemical supplier with its own Application Lab in Thailand. With this renewed lab, the company is able to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, from the automotive, home furnishing and leisure & lifestyle industry to apparel & accessories.

“The decision to renew our Application Lab is fully in line with our position as industry leader in process chemicals for leather products,” says Ali Sharjeel, Stahl Thailand Manager.
“The lab offers clients a one-stop location. Our leather chemicals cover the needs of tanners through the different initial stages of converting the raw material into leather. Stahl’s innovative processing solutions are available for dealing with all types of raw material in a more sustainable way.”

State of the art testing

Stahl is the only chemical supplier in Thailand with its own Application Lab. The new lab in Bangkok is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries to cater to customers’ needs. The lab will be used for developing new technology, trouble shooting, color matching services and provide workshops. Furthermore, customers can use the equipment themselves to run pilot tests and new projects. “Altogether, this makes us the ideal partner for customers to support them in growing their business”, Sharjeel continues.
Stahl strongly believes in working closely together with clients to provide custom made solutions. “We are located in the heart of the Thai leather industry and therefore always close to our customers.” The company has nearly 40 Application Labs worldwide and will be opening several new labs in the coming years. 

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