Stahl partners up with University of Northampton for Post Graduate Certificate in Leather Finishing-Automotive

Stahl and the University of Northampton launched a leather finishing program designed for the automotive industry. The one year course, started on October 23rd in Mexico, will focus on improving expertise and knowledge of surface coatings and their application in automotive leather finishing. By providing the right knowledge to younger students and current professionals, Stahl believes it can accelerate the process of making the entire leather processing chain more sustainable.

”We see it as our responsibility to share our knowledge with others, as we can only achieve a more sustainable and transparent leather supply chain by working together,” says Frans van den Heuvel, Global Stahl Campus® Manager. “This cooperation with the University of Northampton is a fine example of this. By combining our expertise with one of the foremost centers for leather education in the world, we set a high bar for contemporary leather education.”

The automotive-focused leather finishing Post Graduate (PG) program is created for applicants with an undergraduate degree or equivalent in a science or leather related subject. The program consists of the following modules:
  • Market demands and performance of automotive leather
  • Finish formulation – automotive leather
  • Finish application – automotive leather

The courses will take the form of three 2-week training modules (October ’17, February ’18 and June ’18) and will be held at the Center of Excellence in Léon, Mexico. Several internal and external speakers will also contribute with focused seminars as part of the course. Students and professionals who successfully complete the training will receive a PG Certificate from the University of Northampton’s Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT).

Stahl CEO, Huub van Beijeren says: “This Stahl-UoN cooperation is a unique initiative in the industry and an example of how academia and the private sector can work together to make a positive contribution to the industry. We are very proud to offer this course and hope to continue with similar initiatives in the future.”

Rachel Garwood, Director of the ICLT, is delighted to be working alongside Stahl on the first education with others project. Rachel Garwood: “By combining our world renowned leather education with Stahl’s expertise in leather finishing, we are proud to be launching the first Post Graduate Certificate in Automotive Finishing to be delivered in Stahl Mexico. I am confident the program will enrich the knowledge and development of individuals working for leading automotive companies based in Mexico.”

Educational initiatives
To acquire and share knowledge around the world, Stahl works closely with several universities on a wide array of projects. In addition to the post graduate program with the University of Northampton, Stahl recently started a long term partnership with the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian (Spain). For this Stahl has an active role in the "Polymerization Processes Group” an Industrial Liaison Program.

The University of Wageningen, based in the Netherlands, is one of the world leaders in water-related research and Stahl recently deepened its academic ties to the university by sponsoring a post graduate research project into the potential circular use of leather waste from tanneries. Stahl also cooperates closely with Shanxi and Sichuan Universities in China, specifically with regard to student training and the promotion of good practices throughout the industry. Click here for more information about Stahl’s educational initiatives.

Additionally, Stahl educates professionals of brands, tanners, manufacturers and OEM’s via its educational initiative known as Stahl Campus®. Its knowledges centers with tailor-made courses for leather and performance coatings are based in The Netherlands, Mexico, Spain and China respectively.
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