Stahl Powder Coatings: UV curing or ULB – which is right for you?

More than 15 years ago, we imagined how we could coat heat-sensitive substrates such as natural woods and plastics, without using VOCs. We started experimenting with powder coatings to develop a sustainable alternative to solvent-based paints and lacquers, resulting in innovative powder coating systems to coat a variety of heat-sensitive materials in a durable, sustainable and more efficient manner. Stahl Powder Coatings are applicable in industries such as interior design, architecture and automotive.

Key benefits
Stahl’s PermaQure® Powder Coatings play a leading role in high-end performance coatings. They have excellent properties such as perfect water resistance and high flexibility. The key benefits compared to the conventional liquid paint application process are:
  • Sustainable: 100% VOC-free and free of monomeric substances
  • Design freedom: High degree of design freedom because of the vertical application, seamless finishing, possibility to change colors quickly and no limits in used materials
  • Faster process: single layer coating, no drying time due to efficient curing process and full automatic application
  • Higher efficiency: by a fully automatized process, up to 99 % powder utilization and lower cost per piece

Ultra Violet versus Ultra Low Baking curing
Stahl offers tailor-made solutions for the Ultraviolet (UV) and Ultra Low Baking (ULB) curing processes. Both powder-coating processes can be customized with properties such as gloss, surface smoothness and special effects. Technical properties can also be adjusted to meet end user demands such as chemical and scratch resistance, hardness and flexibility. The single layer application makes it possible to coat the most complex shapes.

PermaQure® UV powder coatings offers great chemical resistance and resistance to abrasion, scratches and cross-cut adhesion. That is why UV Powder Coatings are very suitable for materials with severe usage in kitchens and bathrooms. PermaQure® ULB powder coating are recommended for materials with a lower-performance usage, like shelves and TV-stands.

White paper 
Do you want to know more about the differences between UV and ULB powder coatings? We created a white paper in which we explain all about the differences in applications and the curing processes. You can download the white paper below.
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