Stahl’s EasyWhite Tan™ plays pivotal role for Superior Tannery

The company Superior Tannery has made headlines lately. Firstly, with the attainment of the ethical certificate issued by UNIC the Tuscan tannery is guaranteed to comply with the strictest environmental and social standards. Secondly, for presenting a new line of eco-friendly leather developed with alternative procedures to traditional chrome tanning.

In the new line of sustainable leather, Stahl’s EasyWhite Tan™ plays a pivotal role. “Innovation is fundamental for a company like ours, but chrome remained an irreplaceable tanning agent for years,” explains Stefano Caponi, CEO at Superior Tannery. “When we heard about the Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ chrome-free system we were thrilled. Obtaining sustainable leather of the highest quality, while simultaneously achieving a significant reduction in the consumption of water, salt and energy in the leather tanning process - that is simply a dream come true. Three items from our new leather line have been tanned using our innovative Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ system. We used aniline food dyes that are completely non-hazardous and fixatives based on nano polymers to give the leather an extremely natural aspect.”

Right now, the Tuscan tannery is working on even more plans and projects to secure a bright and sustainable future. Therefore they recently announced a cooperation with two university professors to create an 'innovation sector' within the company. The Superior Tannery has set up a work team with professor Giuseppe Bellandi and professor Arianna Menciassi, from the University and Institute of Sant’Anna of Pisa respectively, to further develop the application of nanotechnologies to the tanning finish.
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