Committed to local communities

Stahl Holdings B.V. / Stahl Europe B.V.
Stahl Holdings B.V. supports The Footwearists (formerly known as SLEM). In the past contributed yearly to scholarships. 

In addition, Stahl Holdings B.V. supports ‘Move’. Move is an initiative of Stichting Donna-e-Mobile: a network of Automotive Woman Designers. Move invites design students to join in their search of what the future could look like by organizing a yearly international design competition. When it comes to sustainability, Donna-e-Mobile feels the responsibility to support and involve design students in their path of creating sustainable designs.

Stahl India
Stahl India has provided employment opportunities to inhabitants of the neighboring settlement. Every year these employees are examined medically. Opportunities in Stahl enhance their economic stature in the society and also uplift the standard of their lives.
Stahl India is also a member of the National Safety Council. This organisation deals with overall safety awareness in industries and they organize camps, lectures, visits, et cetera.

In addition, Stahl India sponsors the fight against leprosy. We have organized medical camps for women and children and donated medicines to children’s home. We also donate to an orphanage in the name of Sri Ramakrishna Mission.

Stahl China
Stahl China was rewarded with the 2013 Economical Contribution Award. This recognition is for advanced enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development for the Xuquan Township of the Suzhou New District. Stahl established a typical good example for optimizing development of the environment, upgrading the industrial structure and enhancing economic efficiency. Stahl China received the Certificate of Clear Production from EPM.

Stahl China has an agreement with Sichuan University to offer scholarships and internships. This university specializes in educations for the leather and textile industry. We offer donations to the Suzhou orphanage society as well as the local red cross.

Stahl Asia Pacific
Stahl Asia works closely together with local institutions on student internship placement, in particular in the area of Chemical Process Technology. This offers the younger generation a broader perspective of our industry. Furthermore, it provides opportunities to apply their academic knowledge in a real world environment relevant to their field of study, plus it stimulates personal growth.

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