Sustainability Report

I am very pleased to present our latest Sustainability Report which provides an overview of Stahl’s activities in 2016.

Sustainability is already a key element of Stahl’s corporate strategy and in 2016 we made significant strides towards our goal of achieving a more transparent supply chain. Our commitment to environmental and social responsibility is part of everything we do. Indeed, during my own travels around the world, I have seen firsthand that sustainability has become the primary topic of conversation with our customers and industry partners. Stahl believes that sustainability evolves as a result of transparency and our strategy is built around this belief. In 2016, we organized events specifically designed to promote transparency and traceability within our industry and we will continue to do so in 2017.

Our company constantly strives to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities. In 2016, we continued the expansion of targeted product lines designed to minimize the environmental impact of our industry. In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, Stahl also established a 10% reduction target for its CO2 emissions by the year 2020 and progress towards that goal has already been made. The benefits of the 2-year Safety Awareness Campaign that we launched in late 2015 became apparent in 2016. Furthermore, Stahl completed several acquisitions and technology agreements which underline our long term commitment to sustainable business growth.

These are exciting and challenging times for our industry and sustainability represents a great opportunity for Stahl to create a better future, via further investment and growth. Read more in our Sustainability Report 2016.

Huub van Beijeren

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