Sustainable chemistry

Stahl takes its position as a frontrunner for sustainability in our industry seriously. We think we can achieve a sustainable future by working together with our partners and clients to create a transparent supply chain. We see sustainability as an opportunity to innovate our products and services, to gain a competitive edge and to drive operational excellence.

The Stahl sustainability standard
To achieve our sustainability goals, we have identified 5 focus areas:
  • Materials - suppliers and the products and services that they provide
  • Responsible Operations - all the activities associated with doing business in Stahl
  • Trusted Partnerships - cooperation with third parties throughout the supply chain
  • Innovative Solutions - the products and services that we offer our customers 
  • People & Society - employees and the communities around us

If you make sustainability such an important part of your business, then you need to make sure you develop your products accordingly. Sustainability is not something to be taken lightly. While you might hear a lot about green chemistry (greenchem) and eco chemistry (ecochem) we aim to avoid those terms because for us actions speak louder than words. Read this article to learn more about our view on sustainability terminology.

Our contribution
We aim to contribute to the creation of sustainable leather, sustainable fabrics and sustainable finishes and surface treatments in a variety of industries. Whether it is our PU coating that is used in polyurethane coated fabric, Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™, our wet white tanning system Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, bio-based PolyMatte®, Stahlite® or our Stahl EVO® product range.

Each and every one of these solutions are specialty chemicals developed to give industry professionals a broader choice in how they can produce their products varying from more traditional methods to more sustainable methods. From polymer chemistry to polyurethane finish, from wet white tanning to carbodiimide crosslinkers: we believe that we have not even begun to scratch the surface of the future possibilities.

Initiatives Self-regulation initiatives like MRSLs and RSLs support a sustainable future of our industry, by highlighting components that could be hazardous to our environment or our people. As a frontrunner in sustainability, we believe it is our responsibility to lower the environmental impact of the whole supply chain. That is why we are strongly committed to eliminate these substances from our product ranges for apparel and footwear. Therefore we welcome the updated ZDHC MRSL Version 1.1 for the industry.

Sustainable future
Developing more solutions and opportunities in the future is something that is high on our priority list. This means that we will continue to develop water based solutions. We will continue to create alternatives for more traditional chemical solutions. We realize we are not there yet, but we are steadily moving forward towards our goal of contributing towards a sustainably industry and a transparent supply chain.

We see a very positive and sustainable future for our industry, one that brings us great opportunity to make a difference. If you have any questions or ambitions regarding sustainable solutions please let us know.
Do you have questions regarding this topic: please don't hesitate to contact us