Synthetics: durability, haptics and sustainability

Technology has allowed us to create great new possibilities. The alternatives to leather are increasing and due to specialty chemicals and innovative applications we can create solutions with superior durability, haptics and sustainability. At Stahl we call those applications Synthetics.

Creating future proof coatings

Today we have endless possibilities to create materials that are high-performing, durable and more sustainable. Stahl develops specialty chemicals that can be used in coatings, finishes and primers for almost every surface. No matter if you are active in the automotive (aftermarket), apparel & accessories or interior design industry. We even develop solutions coatings for industrial applications. Leading the path to zero discharge.

Our industry and our customers deserve and demand the best possible solutions. That is why we engage in partnerships that allow our technicians to develop tailor-made performance coatings solutions that meet the most stringent requirements. One of the biggest challenges is to advance toward Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) to improve the environment and people’s wellbeing. To contribute this industry-wide change, we are partnering with leading brands and manufacturers all over the world to set a new standard of environmental performance. A path that leads to high-tech coating solutions for synthetics with zero discharge as defined by Roadmap 2020.

Your demand solved by our solutions
No matter what coating you are looking for to create the material you need, our extensive performance coatings portfolio will meet all your needs in creating the perfect synthetics high performance material. Our coating solutions will address your challenges in technical performance, protection and aesthetic requirements. Technology that can give your products superior qualities such as anti-staining properties, great abrasion and scratch resistance, anti-squeak and finishes varying from natural gloss to ultra-matte. We also provide green water-based alternatives for the most used technologies in the market such as coag.base and TPU which all comply and outperform the guidelines set by the ZDHC.

Our Centers of Excellence
At Stahl, we do not only want to meet the requirements that are set by our industry, we want to bring something extra to the table. We have Centers of Excellence covering every continent and industry including our Center of Excellence for Apparel & Home Furnishing in Parets, Spain.
Our centers focus on the development of innovative technologies and products. Products that comply to restricted substances lists, such as MRSL and RSL. The MRSL restricts hazardous substances potentially used and discharged into the environment during the entire manufacturing process, whereas RSL restricts hazardous substances that could be present in finished products. Next to that, our Centers of Excellence perform extensive physical tests to secure that the end product meets the agreed requirements. Furthermore, we operate numerous supporting Application Labs for physical and application testing throughout the world. Driven by our expertise in coating solutions for synthetics, our in-house test laboratories match the strict conditions of the world’s most demanding brands, manufacturers and OEMs. As a result, we have an unmatched global presence offering excellent technical development and support. No matter where you are.

Test to the best
Testing is one of our priorities. Our Centers of Excellence feature first-class test and prototype capabilities. We use the latest technologies and most up-to-date testing and prototyping equipment to assure that you always get the best application possible. Combined with the expertise of our chemists and technicians, we guarantee you our solutions for synthetics are top-notch in terms of performance, sustainability and aesthetics. Quality products with unparalleled characteristics and an unmatched service, that’s what Stahl stands for. All our tests are exhaustive and mimicking real life. Resulting in a 100% guarantee, we offer brands and OEMs around the world the top-quality they are looking for.

We believe we can provide you with superior quality solutions to create a product that meets your requirements and beyond. Because what you can imagine, we can create.
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