Tannin Corporation appointed as sole Stahl agent and distributor for leather chemicals portfolio in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America

Stahl appointed Tannin Mexico S.A. de C.V. as the sole agent and distributor for their Leather Chemicals portfolio in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. For the Mexican and Caribbean markets the change becomes effective as of February 1st, 2019, in Central America starting March 1st, 2019. Tannin Corporation is the largest wet-end chemical supplier in North America with a subsidiary company in Mexico. With the appointment, Stahl aims to streamline and improve the sales and distribution in these regions.

Tannin Corporation will provide support, sales management, customer service, invoicing, distribution and technical support functions for Stahl’s selected tannery customers. Alexander Campbell, Business Manager North and Central America at Stahl: “We believe that placing our sales and distribution service in the hands of an industry leader like Tannin Corporation will provide our clients with better support going forward. They know the local and regional markets and share our values and knowledge. They will be able to obtain local stock in a more efficient way, and in turn, we are able to focus entirely on providing our clients with the best technical support.”

Tannin Corporation

Tannin Corporation was founded in 1944 and is now the largest wet-end chemical supplier in North America. The company serves the United States and Canada, and has a subsidiary company in Mexico, Tannin Mexico S.A. de C.V. Chris Yiu, Customer Service Manager at Tannin Corporation, will promote Stahl’s business with his team in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. Yiu: “Stahl has been the direct supplier of leather chemicals for tanners in these regions so far. As the world market leader in surface treatment and coating solutions, Stahl knows what is important to its clients and always puts their wishes first. Because of our extensive experience with tanners we know Stahl’s portfolio very well and that enables us to emphasize what possibilities their latest solutions bring to the table.”

The change, effective as of February 1st and March 1st, 2019, means that customers currently served directly by Stahl will in future be supported by Tannin Corporation and Tannin Mexico S.A. de C.V.
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