Leder Heinen embraced Stahl Neo

Leder Heinen is a great example of sustainable entrepreneurship. Among their prestigious achievements is the certification as the world’s first tannery working according to the ECOL Standard (Energy COntrolled Leather) in 2011. The German company also received the Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold Medal for their terracare® leather manufacturing brand for three years in a row. Just a few examples that prove that you can rightly say that sustainability and Leder Heinen are inseparable.

Managing director of Leder Heinen, Thomas Heinen, about achieving sustainability goals with Stahl Neo:

Some years ago ‘thinking green’ was something for tree huggers, something for people who don’t understand business. People who have the time and money to focus on something so irrelevant as nature. Nature was seen as something that is there in abundance. Today, we all know our natural resources are limited and in many parts of the world humans are deeply affected by the damage people have done to nature. Water and air are polluted and make humans sick, dangerous substances are surrounding us every day and are the cause of many illnesses. Climate change is visible in many ways.

Consequently, thinking in a sustainable way has become the essence of doing business because it’s the base for surviving in the long run – as a company and as humans. We at Heinen want to do everything possible to have the least impact on the environment while running a tannery. Our customer base shares our beliefs towards our planet and sustainable thinking.

Stahl Neo, a logical choice
Leder Heinen has been using Stahl chemicals for many decades. We can only work with chemical suppliers that share our beliefs with regard to sustainability. Stahl supports our thinking and gives us the best possible support in gaining transparency. Stahl Neo is further proof that Stahl is leading in developments towards sustainability. This helps us to meet the demands of our clients. Now, and in the future. Since different NGOs have made an effort to aim for zero discharge, it’s up to us to come as close to zero discharge as is technically possible. Stahl Neo is a valuable partner to reach this goal with.

Not only do Stahl products cover the basics in leather finish solutions, they also offer solutions that allow us to meet special requirements in small niches. We are able to buy the right products from Stahl, in the right packaging size and at short notice. There are very few products in finishing that Stahl doesn’t cover.

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