The best solution for successful partnerships is SIMPLE

In our hectic world, life sometimes can seem very complicated. As a professional you constantly encounter new technologies that may or may not be beneficial for you. Do those technologies have an impact on our environment? And what about the costs and the various parties involved? Unnecessary information overload for most professionals: your goal is to create beautiful, innovative solutions for your clients. So, lets find ways to simplify, without the slightest compromise on quality. How? By keeping it SIMPLE. 

S stands for Sustainability
Sustainability is a vital part of our day-to-day life. At Stahl, we have always aimed at providing high quality products and services while minimizing the environmental impact and respecting human rights. Sustainability is a major challenge in our industry but also a great opportunity... Our goal is to achieve a crystal clear supply chain and we are constantly working on ways to promote transparency while improving the environmental footprint of our activities at the same time. To turn our sustainable goals into reality, we have identified 5 focus areas: Raw Materials, Responsible Operations, Trusted Partnerships, Innovative Solutions and last, but not least: People & Society. This emphasis helps us to achieve our goals and allows us to help you achieve yours. 

I stands for Innovation
There can be no progress without innovation. At Stahl, we have a firm belief that if it can be imagined, it can be created. From the early days of Stahl until today, offering solutions that are both sustainable and profitable has been at the heart of our activities. It is this continuous focus on innovation that keeps us enthusiastic about new possibilities. But our innovation goes beyond products and systems, as we also believe in innovation through education. At our Stahl Campus® and at our Centers of Excellence, our experts work closely together with partners and clients to share knowledge and find new solutions, innovations and technologies. All in the name of promoting good practices and transparency throughout the supply chain.

M stands for Manufacturing
Stahl is active in several industrial markets around the globe, including Automotive, Apparel & Accessories, Leisure & Lifestyle, Architectural & Interior Design and Industrial Applications. We have 13 factories around the world, each of which manufactures a wide range of specialty chemicals, the products that makes us unique. We are committed to providing our customers around the world with the products and services produced according to the highest manufacturing norms. As it is very important for our clients across the value chain that the products they use are matured and of proven quality instead of merely experimental lab- or pilot scales, the products Stahl creates can be used in mass production. 

P stands for Partnership
No success is possible without strong, trusted partnerships. Our conviction is that transparency is essential in achieving the goals we have set, for our industry and for ourselves. That is why we are very keen on developing lasting partnership with partners and stakeholders in the entire supply chain. Over the years, we have joined forces with many trusted partners who are just as eager as Stahl in bringing measurable change to the industry.

For instance, we are a value chain affiliate of the ZDHC foundation that is on a mission to lead the clothing industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020. Also, we are proud member of UN Global Compact; the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and The Leather Working Group, that aims on developing and maintaining an audit protocol that not only assesses the environmental stewardship of tanners, but also promotes sustainable practices in the leather processing industry. In October 2017 we joined forces with BASF. Through this new partnership, we also have even more possibilities to improve sustainability in the industry. 

L stands for Leadership
Stahl has been around for a long time. Since the 1930s to be exact. In this time Stahl grew into the worldwide company we are today. With over 2,000+ employees, 13 Manufacturing Sites and 38 Application Labs in 24 countries), we are the market leader in process chemicals for leather and an important player in the specialty coatings industry. 

E stands for Economy
Perfect performance is a must for every professional. Combining this with cost friendly possibilities is essential for every business. Stahl always create products that perform while balancing the costs.
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