The Fabric that endures the elements

Imagine the open sea. The wind beating away at the fisherman that brave these seas everyday, the icy cold that penetrates trough the thickest of jackets. And then imagine being out on deck for days upon days. These are conditions that fishermen face all around the world. The sea and the weather can be unforgiving and that is where the quality of what you wear makes all the difference.
Traditionally a lot of the clothing suitable for working in these extreme conditions is PVC coated fabric. But at extreme cold these fabrics often crack, they quickly become worn into the textile when they come into contact with cotton cloths, are very much prone to extraction of plasticizer, leading to less wear comfort (increased stiffness)”and their breathability is zero to none.
For the wearer of the PVC coated fabric, the lack of breathability and heavy fabric makes work under these conditions even tougher. If you work under these conditions you might want other options and alternatives that are suited to support you. Like a fabric that makes work easier and that protects you under harsh conditions.
A fabric that is very abrasion resistant, that has the best cold flex resistance, that has superior flex and motion characteristics under extreme conditions. A fabric that has superior breathability and comfort, is 100% PVC free and has perfect water and oil resistance.
There is such a fabric that can do all of the above and more. It is called PU coated fabric. Stahl is proud to have contributed their knowledge and solutions to help create a fabric that can make the work of fishermen all around the world a whole lot easier. But not only fishermen can profit from the benefits of this fabric and the technologies it contains. Everywhere around the world people are working in extreme conditions and we believe that with PU surface treatment as a base for multiple solutions and materials we can improve the durability and sustainability of many materials. Better for the environment, better for your people, and certainly better for your business!
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