The freedom of third living spaces

When we envision the future of automotive interior there is one concept that stands out and this is “freedom”! The freedom to shape the interior of cars in a way that it fits every need. The freedom to choose a car interior that matches with personal styles and design preferences. This future becomes reality in the Rinspeed Oasis.

Cars will no longer be identically designed vehicles that help you getting from A to B. They will evolve into a personal mobility experience, and they will change the way we work, live and travel. The car of the future will be our third living space.

The freedom to use our car interiors as an office, living space or even as a professional service environment will change the way we view mobility. It will spark new industries, products and services. Third living spaces will not only change the automotive industry; home interior and fashion will also change in ways beyond our imagination. Imagine seats in our third living space that match the seats in our home interior, both in comfort, performance and design.

This new freedom also means that the interior of cars and interior materials surfaces in specific, will have to meet demands that require new and better technology. Today we spend at least 3,5 years of our lives inside cars, and we expect this number to increase  in the future. If we spend this much time in a single space, our comfort and well-being will become even more important for car manufacturers. 

Clean and fresh air will become one of the key factors of these third living spaces. For the Rinspeed Oasis we have chosen to use a selection of our most advanced sustainable technologies to secure the best possible air quality. Products like Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, bio-based PolyMatte® and Proviera®- Probiotics for Leather are free of solvents and are for a significant part based on renewable resources.  These advanced technologies can make a substantial difference in reducing material emissions and keeping the interior clear from unwanted smells. 

The freedom to choose what car interiors look like will encourage people to choose pale-colored materials to include in their third living spaces. This means that the cleanliness and durability of the interior becomes more important than it already is. For the Rinspeed Oasis Stahl has used its latest generation of Stahl Stay Clea™n technology to protect the snow white leather seats. Stahl Stay Clean™ keeps pale colors clean from common stains and dirt and will boost the durability of the interior. Stahl Stay Clean™ technology provides great value to both, the car manufacturers as well as the passengers.

New innovations will radically change the design process of any component both for automotive interior and home furnishing projects. Ambient lighting or wooden floors in your car? A superior entertainment system or adding the element of nature in form of a small garden with enough space for growing radishes or even little Bonsai trees?  You can find all this in the Rinspeed Oasis concept car, transforming it into a true third living space.

The self-driving Rinspeed Oasis gives us a sneak peek into what the mobility experience of the future looks like with its concept of third living spaces. This ultimate urban vehicle will give birth to many new opportunities, products and services. We challenge you to take these ideas and explore all the possibilities in the future, and let us know how we can help you to reach your ambitious goals to create better products and a better future for everybody. Together we can create an industry where transparency leads to success. This is something that Stahl is proud to contribute to.

A better future starts today!

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