The fun, art and facts of brush off

Leather is a patient and versatile material, allowing designers and brands to unleash their creativity and design innovative fashion pieces. For instance, shoes made with special techniques that highlight the desired look and feel while adding an individual touch of style. The brush off technique is one of those.. Let’s take a closer look at how to use brush off to make a fashionable footwear statement. 

Versatile, sophisticated and creative
Whether you are a designer for a large luxury goods label, a modest leather enthusiast working from home or find yourself somewhere in between; the brush off technique delivers great design freedom to make a striking fashion statement. In short, with the versatile brush off technique you can create a sophisticated two-toned effect by adding a layer of color and then brushing off part of it, allowing the color underneath to pop up. This technique enables you to give a pair of leather shoes the desired look and feel; for customers or for your own shoe collection. Because we love to share with you how this technique works we have documented the complete process of applying a brush off effect and turned it into a video:

As the leading chemical company for process chemicals for leather, performance coating solutions and specialty polymers, Stahl offers all the necessary systems and solutions to achieve the brush off effect you are looking for. And, as a rule, all these necessary systems and solutions are created in the most sustainable way possible. For the desired brush off look, our leather systems consisting of base coats, top coats and additives are of great use. The base coats allow you to create a durable, transparent, flexible finish with a smooth, natural and luxurious feel. The top coat on its turn enhances these important properties, equipping designers with the best tools to unleash their creativity in a durable, more sustainable and appealing manner. 

Achieve unlimited creativity with ease 
Of course, a beautiful brush off product can be matched with other effect and feels. That is where Stahl Easy Crust™ comes into play. This versatile, high-quality staining product that is composed out of components that are more sustainable, produces very natural and transparent finishes. Stahl Easy Crust™ gives you a large range of color possibilities and combinations, resulting in unlimited creativity. These resources are available to every designer and manufacturer in every desired quantity. Applying Stahl Easy Crust™ is easy. Especially after watching our Stahl professionals demonstrate it. 

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