The future of coatings is a sustainable future

Stahl is all about new coating technologies. Technologies that enable us to create future-proof, durable yet sustainable coatings and building blocks behind with additives like flame retardants, hand modifier and crosslinkers. Bio- and water-based technology and DMF(A)-free, Low-VOC, NEP-free and solvent-free solutions are at our disposal enabling our industry to develop better technologies. Better for the environment, better for our people and better for business.

Legislation including Reach and initiatives like the ZDHC, and the roadmap 2020 set us on the path towards a better future. These developments are shaping the future of our industry paving the way for a whole new generation of future-proof technologies that will make a positive change towards a sustainable and profitable industry. Whether in need of aesthetic, sustainable, functional or process-proof coatings or the chemical buildings blocks: from all industries professionals are looking for the latest innovations ranging from the automotive industry, construction chemicals, mechanical engineering, aerospace or shipbuilding.

Stahl has always invested in future-proof technologies and with our latest developments in sustainable chemistry like Stahl EVO® range. Stahl EVO® is the next generation of polyurethane-coatings that do not contain any non-hazardous classified substances and offer the performance leading brands are used to. Our latest innovative additions are the 100% water-based Stahl EVO® top coat and the DMF(A)-free Stahl EVO® base. The latter is a more sustainable alternative for the conventional DMF(A) coagulation process.

Sustainable chemistry
Bio- & water-based chemistry and sustainable technology have played an important role in the development of Stahl technologies in the last decades. As one of the first companies to focus on sustainable development, Stahl has built a strong portfolio of products and technologies that comply with and go beyond current legislation. Our knowledge and expertise of crosslinkers makes Stahl a perfect partner to help you to get your portfolio ready for 2020.

People first
The health of the people working with our products always has been a big priority for Stahl. Our low-VOC solutions contribute to improved air quality. This does not only benefit those who work with our products, but also benefits the people working and living in spaces where our technology is used.

Product diversity
Our product and technology portfolio in bio- & water-based solutions truly shows Stahl’s knowledge and ambition to help our partners to create a better and more transparent industry. Products ranging from: 
  • Polyurethanes binder and coatings
  • Acrylics binder and coatings
  • Elastomer Coatings
  • Coating additives and crosslinkers
  • Flame retardants 
  • Mechanical Foam
  • Heat sensitive substrates
  • High Solids 
  • Pigment Pastes
  • Low Friction solutions
  • Powder Coatings
  • UV Curing 
  • Films & Foils Duller 
  • UV/Heat Resistant technologies
  • Coated Fabrics
  • Water-Resistant technology 
  • Ink Receptive
  • Flexible Packaging solutions 
  • Anti-Graffiti technology
  • Polycarbonate Diols 
  • Anti-Squeak technology 
  • Abrasion and Scratch Resistant technology 

What does Stahl have to offer?
Stahl is all about partnerships and that is why we would like to share some of our latest innovations with you. So if you are ready to create a better future together, we would like to take a look at the possibilities we can create together. We see endless possibilities every day. Please contact for more information. 
We believe that if it can be imagined, it can be created. Lets apply this to your business together! 
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