The future of home interior is sustainable and safe

Taking full responsibility for the world we are living in is a collective challenge. Finding ways to cause less waste and less pollution, on a global scale as well as in the privacy of our homes. We are on a mission to make homes and working spaces solvent-free and beneficial to our health, without losing sight of the importance of fine design. With future-driven technologies and sustainable chemistry Stahl contributes to this next level of healthy living, for our generation and for generations to come. 

Our industry has already come a long way in creating future-forward technologies that not only make our lives easier, but also create a better world for us to live in. We have invented smarter, cleaner cars, we have developed ways to reduce the waste we produce on land, in the sea and in our skies. We have made our energy sources greener and initiated clever ways to recycle our leftovers in every shape or form, to name a few general accomplishments. And now it’s time to make the same leap forward in home interior. A leap towards a future where all interiors are solvent-free.

More sustainable, healthier, without concessions to quality
Within our specific world of chemical solutions, we are constantly finding ways to lower the environmental footprint of the whole supply chain. As an industry we are taking more responsibility for the world we live in. On a macro level where it concerns the entire world, as well as on a micro level at home and at work. However, at the same time we don’t want to compromise on performance or appearance. As an industry, we want the best of both worlds, in order to present the best, future-forward solutions to the world. Bio- & water-based solutions that are just as environmentally friendly as they are effective. 

Improving air quality, improving health
Everyone wants to enjoy all aspects of life under the healthiest circumstances possible. Everyone wants to live, eat and work in a place that serves our health in every way: from ceiling to floor. Without the risks of inhaling classified substances used in protective solutions for interiors and furniture. Stahl understands this growing need for more sustainable alternatives that don’t compromise on the quality level you deserve. Alternatives that continuously improve the quality. This is highly beneficial for the people who build houses and offices, for the designer creating the furniture, as well as for those who enjoy these interior designs on a daily basis. Thanks to Stahl’s smart use of future-driven technology, this has become possible. 

On the right path towards 2020
As a professional in the home interior industry - be it as a manufacturer, designer or technician - you play a distinctive part in fulfilling the responsibility we have to create more environmental-friendly homes and offices. As part of this tier chain Stahl has taken its responsibility to develop technology that helps our partners to live up to these goals. Technology in the form of sustainable leather processing chemicals and coating solutions, and solvents for synthetics and wood used in interiors. This way we contribute to create a healthier indoor environment. As an industry we are all working towards durable and successful solutions and legislation. Initiatives such as REACH and the roadmap to 2020 create an EU-wide commitment for replacing less sustainable coatings and solvents for Low-VOC or VOC-free alternatives. 

Exceeding expectations 
Stahl constantly invests in developing future-forward technologies and sustainable chemistry to better our living and working environments. Over the years, we have built a strong portfolio of solutions that not only complies with the current legislation regarding substances, but even exceeds them. Whether our technologies are used in the world of automotive, in the fashion industry, for leisure and lifestyle, for industrial purposes or in architectural and interior design: we always strive to deliver solutions that achieve the best results while upholding their durable, safe and environmental benefits. 

Future-forward technologies 
In our homes, we use a lot of different materials: leather, wood, synthetics… we love to mix & match them in our own style. These different materials all need their own solutions to maintain the durable, safe and sustainable benefits industry and consumers demand. Stahl offers the interior design industry a broad choice of specific solutions that are in every way beneficial. They have great advantages for the environment, for the people working with our products, and for the people who work and live in the places where interior professionals have used our sustainable, durable technologies. Through these solutions, the brighter and cleaner future we all wish for comes within reach in our households, our offices, and our world. Let’s take a closer look at some of our technologies that bring future-forward advantages to every living environment. 

Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™
In 2016 we added Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ to our portfolio. This 100% biodegradable and 100% natural biotechnology offers an environmental-friendly alternative to the existing chemicals and technologies in the leather industry. Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ contains a powerful consortium of biochemicals derived from probiotics. This enables tanners to produce high-quality leather while considerably reducing the effluent load and to offer home interior experts high-quality leather to work with.

Stahl EasyWhite Tan™
At Stahl we believe it’s our responsibility to lower the environmental impact by focusing on creating solutions that combine sustainability with the highest level of performance. Our alternative tanning system Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ creates high quality leather in a more sustainable way. With Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, the tanning process is chrome-free and simplified as the use of water and salt are reduced, and less process-steps are needed. The result is soft, smooth leather with high elasticity that makes the leather flexible, tear resistant and significantly more versatile.

Stahl Neo
Home interiors benefit in every way from Stahl Neo. This collection of leather finishes products, not only complies with the Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), but goes beyond this standard and targets an even wider range of chemical substances. The portfolio of Stahl Neo includes, among other solutions, top coats, base coats, lacquers, waxes and oils and will be extended in the near future with even more solutions that offer the best of both worlds in safety and sustainability Through Stahl Neo, Stahl helps tanners to make their business future-proof.

Stahl EVO®
Stahl has solutions for every surface you can find in residential environments. Our STAHL EVO portfolio for synthetics is a fine example of a beneficial solution for synthetic surfaces in home interiors. This APEO-free, Low-VOC or even VOC-free for improved air quality, and DMF(A)-free new generation of bio- and water-based polyurethane-coatings, offers you the finest performance against the lowest environmental risks. For instance, our latest innovative additions are the 100% water-based Stahl EVO® top coat and the DMF(A)-free Stahl EVO® base; a sustainable alternative for the conventional DMF(A) coagulation process.
Performance powder coatings
With our high-value performance powder coatings Stahl offers a future driven technology and a sustainable alternative to surface coatings containing VOC. A much-needed alternative, as customers increasingly request designers, architects and builders to create eco-friendly living spaces. As our PermaQure® powder coatings exceed VOC and other environmental and health regulation, they do not contain any harmful or VOC relevant substances. Our UV powder grades are even Food Contact Material approved through European legislation, meaning they don’t release harmful levels of their components into food or change the composition, taste and smell of food. Stahl’s performance powder coatings form an ideal solution for coating heat sensitive materials such as MDF, plywood and chip board. Ideal for furniture and floors that combine durability, safety and sustainability with exquisite design. 

Leather and synthetics in home interiors alike can be given a long-lasting, scratch resistant matt finish with our extensive PolyMatte® portfolio. PolyMatte® enables Stahl to provide custom-made coatings that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of aesthetics, performance and sustainability: just as the market requires. The PolyMatte® portfolio contains many products: from finishes, crosslinkers and thickeners to leveling agents, colorants and hand modifiers, we also developed bio-based PolyMatte® which is based on rapeseed oil instead of crude oil derived intermediates. 

Stahl Stay Clean™ 
Your clients love the luxurious appearance of their home interior design. Couches, tables, chairs … their lavish looks must stand the test of time, even if they are pale colored and easily soiled, materials that create that lush look. With Stahl Stay Clean™ even the palest colored vinyl surfaces are protected against common stains. Spilled coffee, denim dye or dirt dragged in by an enthusiastic dog? No problem. Stahl Stay Clean™ hinders the pick-up and migration of stains and dyes into the substrate. And as an extra plus: the Stahl Stay Clean™ product range that contains both matt and gloss finishes, even makes cleaning of a slightly dirty surface easier. 

Flame-retardant safety 
Safety at home has more faces than one. It has a sustainable face to protect our health and environment, but it also has a more practical face that is meant to keep us safe from risks. Risks in case of fire, for example. Stahl’s water-based flame-retardant technology acts as a responsible and reliable safeguard that helps to slow the rate of fires and decreases its burn and smoke generation, or slow down fires that halve already started, without any harm for the environment. Through our complete range of flame-retardant building blocks you receive the best performance against the most stringent of demands. From coatings, finishes and additives, to polymer dispersions, thickeners, repellents and auxiliaries; Stahl’s broad portfolio of flame retardants are guaranteed safe for continued.
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