The story of Alfonso

Alfonso Arzate, Operations Manager Stahl Mexico.
Alfonso has worked at Stahl for 18 years.

What does ‘extraordinary’ mean to you personally?
Extraordinary in a few words is something that makes me say “Wooow”. Many, but at the same time few, things in live can be extraordinary. However, I can say that a good life and everything around that is already extraordinary. Just look around you and you will see how nature makes extraordinary things that have inspired humanity.
What makes Stahl an extraordinary company, in your opinion?
Stahl is an extraordinary company due to the people who work here. People who always look for the right road to resolve any issue facing the company. I have witnessed many challenges in the company and I can say that the final result in each one has been a success. It is only possible due to extraordinary people.
Can you describe an extraordinary project or event that you have participated in at Stahl?
During 18 years working at Stahl I have been involved in several projects with different complexities and skills required. I have worked with many excellent colleagues and we concluded each project with a good result. However, I consider the design and construction of the first automated reactor in Stahl Mexico as one of the most extraordinary projects. This project was carried out in 2001 and consisted of the installation of an automated reactor to produce adhesives. It was Stahl Mexico’s first contact with a completely unknown world called automation and technology. This project taught us many things about such things as management, organization and compromise and it gave us the opportunity to think in a different way about the future of Stahl Mexico.
What, in your opinion, is the most extraordinary solution Stahl ever created?
Stahl has created several extraordinary solutions during our history. One of the best in my opinion is the creation of the Stahlite® products. These products have a big impact with respect to the environment and they contribute to a better planet.
When you think about extraordinary solutions or inventions, what is your dream scenario for the future?
In the future I see Stahl creating products with Nanotechnology and more sustainable solutions, like resins using raw materials, coming from removable resources. It is not a job that can be done alone. We need the cooperation of our suppliers, which means we also
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